Vampire Ivy

Stefan takes Ivy to Caroline’s and tells her that he wants her to watch Ivy so he can get Luke to make her a daylight ring. Caroline doesn’t want to help because of their previous arguments, but agrees to. Stefan is also informed by Tripp that he sent vampire hunters to Savannah so he can’t go back.

Ivy is all dressed up, but Caroline tells her that she can’t go to the party. Ivy is able to tell that Caroline has a thing for Stefan, but Caroline just says things are complicated. Ivy wants to go to the party, but Caroline wants her to wait until Stefan comes. Ivy snaps Carolines neck and goes out.

She comes across a guy and tries to compel him after feeding on him, but then she realizes that she is still hungry and tells him to run.

Stefan finally shows up to meet Caroline and admits he was going to leave town without Ivy. Caroline is angry at him and says that she wishes for Damon to come back so she could have the old Stefan back, but for now she just wants him to go. And he does.

Ivy calls Caroline and says she has done something. Caroline tells her to stay put and that she is coming for her. But before Caroline can get there Ivy is shot by Tripp.


Kai tells Damon that he has to dig down into the tunnels and tells them how the spell will work with the eclipse. He heads to town to get supplies and leaves them in the woods.

Damno breaks through the tunnels and looks through the stuff Kai bought. He has alcohol, a rookie card and a pager. Bonnie says they aren’t doing anything else until she sees the spell. Kai doesn’t say anything and she tells him to take her magic if he wants to do it without her. He grabs her. Bonnie says it’s okay because he won’t kill her. She says he doesn’t know the spell so they don’t need him. She puts an ax in his chest and Kai is down.

Bonnie has the ascendant in her hand and realizes that Kai needed a Bennett to open it. She tells Damon she’s going home and asks if he wants to come along. They go to the tunnels and Bonnie cuts her hand to get blood on the ascendent. They are both touching the ascendent and get ready until Kai shoots Bonnie with a cross bow. Kai says if Damon touches the ascendent the next arrow wil go into her heart. Damon pulls the arrow out and feeds her blood then he pins Kai when he goes after the ascendent.

They struggle then Kai tries to stab him. Damon tells Bonnie to get out, but instead she pushes Kai off and throws Damon at the ascendent and says the incantation. Damon is gone and the ascendent breaks.

The Homecoming Party

After class, Alaric asks Elena if she has changed her mind about getting her Damon memories back. She says right now she is taking her own advice. She asks him to come to the party tonight. Elena also invites Liam to come to the party with her. He sees Jo at the party and asks what is up with that. Elena says that she invited her. She drags him off to the maze.

Stefan shows up to see Alaric. He wanted Alaric to compel Ivy to get Ivy to leave, but Alaric is angry at him for giving up on Damon so quickly. He threatens to compel Stefan to be the guy he was and not the jerk he has become.

Elena and Liam get lost in the corn maze. He asks if she has a type and she replies no but that people can change. He thinks she is still hung on an ex, but she says he died. Jo and Alaric meet up and he shares that Elena has blackmailed him into coing. She did the same to Jo.

Texting And Driving

Tyler gets a text saying the party is lame. While he is looking at the text a guy steps in front of his car. He drives off the road and goes into the corn maze. Alaric saves Jo before she is hit.

Tyler is freaking out and hears the guy groaning. The guy is near dying and asks Tyler for help. Liam treats an injured girl. Elena tells him she has it and feeds the girl her blood to save her.

Tyler calls Elena for help. He says it was his truck and that if the guy dies he will be a werewolf again. She coaches him on first aid but says she needs to find Alaric. Jo thinks Alaric is bleeding, but he says it isn’t his blood, it’s her.

Tyler tries to help the guy he hit and then Liv shows up and moves the car off him. He tells her that if the guy dies his curse will be activated.

Elena shows up and asks Jo to help Tyler. Jo asks questions and then says to keep the guy comfortable until he dies. Tyler does CPR, but Liv tells him to stop. Liv grabs the guy and holds his mouth and nose. She has killed him so Tyler is safe from the curse.

Liam is working on a patient. Elena says she can help, but he saves her the doctor way. Elena is impressed. Workers arrive and Liam sees all the people that normally wouldn’t be able to be saved walk out of the field.

At the hospital, Alaric compels Jo to remember the night as horrible and that he is an alcoholic and that she doesn’t want to kiss him, but she does end up kissing him. His compulsion didn’t work on her.

Liam asks Elena how that girl who was almost died just walked away. She says miracles can happen and then she kisses him. She says being a hero is her type.

Damon Returns

Stefan goes to the family crypt with alcohol and laughs that everyone in his family is dead. He says he isn’t doing great without Damon and that he tries to start over but he can’t. He is lost without his brother. He goes to throw a bottle of bourbon, but Damon catches it. He says it is not okay to waste a good bottle of bourbon. Stefan is shocked. Damon walks over to him and Stefan touches him to see if he is real. They are both near tears and hug it out.