First DC Comics and Warner Bros. tried to make the jump to become the first company to make a female led comic book movie since the flops that were Elektra and Catwoman. They announced a Wonder Woman movie. Then Marvel made their big Marvel Phase 3 announcements this week and it turned out they were already working on a female led movie with Captain Marvel.

Now Sony, who is still reeling from the unfair poor performance of their Amazing Spider-Man franchise, wants in on the act. With the future of Spider-Man movies in question because people didn’t appreciate the direction they took the Web Crawler, they have decided to make the first all-female superhero team movie.

The working title for the movie is Glass Ceiling. This is a nice working title. For those who have never heard the term, it refers to an imaginary ceiling that won’t allow certain people to surpass. An example is in the WWE, where some wrestlers like cruiserweights or African-American competitors have complained about a glass ceiling that keeps them out of the main events. When someone small like Daniel Bryan or someone different like CM Punk makes it big, they are said to have broken the glass ceiling.

Back to comics, the three biggest female superhero movies have all been failures – Supergirl, Elaktra and Catwoman. Because of that, the biggest comic book movies have been centered on the men – and most of them on white men. DC Comics plans to break that ceiling first with Wonder Woman and Marvel will break another with their Black Panther movie.

Now, Sony wants to do something no one ever considered – make a female led superhero movie that is centered on an entire group of female heroes. The question now is who will they use? Spider-Woman seems like an obvious choice, except that she really has nothing to do with Spider-Man at all outside of the name and is actually more closely associated with The Avengers. I’m interested to know who holds the rights to her.

Other examples are Black Cat (which is almost assured), Silver-Sable and Silk. There was also a point where Mary Jane had superpowers as well.

Sony is also still planning on moving ahead with their Sinister Six movie, although the rumor is that they have nixed the Venom movie for now. What are your thoughts about the Amazing Spider-Man movie universe? Would an all-female team comic book movie interest you? Chime in below with your thoughts.