When Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD began its run in season one, two of the most annoying characters on the show was Fitz and Simmons. By the end of the first season, two of the best characters on the show was Fitz and Simmons, Whedon-esque characters if there ever were any. When Fitz almost died at the end of the season, it was heartbreaking and when it was revealed at the end of the first episode of the season two premiere that Simmons left Fitz and he finally broke, it was devastating.

But, where is Simmons? What was so important that she would leave Fitz when he needed her the most, and with such a lame excuse that his recovery would be better without her there (seriously?).

Well, a new promo released by ABC has revealed exactly where Simmons is now. This is a spoiler alert, because I am pretty sure this is probably how the next episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD either begins or ends.

Wow, Simmons is working for HYDRA.

Now, I know what everyone with a brain is thinking – Director Coulson sent her undercover to infiltrate HYDRA, but wouldn’t that be obvious, especially since she was part of the team that brought down John Garrett at the end of season one. Surely, HYDRA knows exactly who is on Coulson’s immediate team since they were running SHIELD, and surely they wouldn’t trust Simmons with their precious data?

But, would it be too much of a stretch to think that she is there without Coulson’s knowledge? Or maybe she was HYDRA all along, although that seems doubtful. Last season, Grant was the traitor from within, and it looks like the show is hinting that he wasn’t alone.

Honestly, she is probably undercover in HYDRA and the show-runners just want us to suspend disbelief that HYDRA doesn’t know she was part of Coulson’s team. What are your thoughts on the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD promo video? Is Simmons heading to the dark side? Chime in below in the comments with your thoughts.