The upcoming Constantine TV show is only a few short weeks away and NBC is working on selling it to the non-comic book readers. That pretty much means showing them what John Constantine is really like and maybe trying to let them know that this isn’t the Keanu Reeves version. Well, they are selling me, but I don’t know how much this will appeal to regular Joe’s. NBC just released a new Constantine TV spot and a nifty new poster.

The best part of the trailer might be the music score playing over the background. It really gives the teaser the feel that I want to see from a Constantine property. However, other than that, it is pretty basic with John saying he walks alone because no one is stupid enough to walk with him.

There is also the talk that he is maybe helping some Angels from Heaven to try to win his soul back, which is a little iffy for me. Honestly, John Constantine is best when he doesn’t have an ally in Heaven or Hell and just messes with both of them for his own amusement. We’ll see how that works out as the series wears on.

Earlier this week, there was a first look, and according to that, Constantine is simply helping the Angels save lives and souls with the tease that maybe it is not too late to save his soul. The best thing that this show could do is prove, at the end, that he had no chance for himself – although that might not be what Ma and Pa Midwest want to hear. Here is a look at that featurette.

Next up is the new poster, which I guess is ok. It proves it is a comic book property, I guess.

Constantine TV

And then we have 26 new images from the Constantine TV pilot. Check them out and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming new show in the comment section below.