Greetings, all. Thanks for joining your boy once again as we head into week two of the final season of Sons of Anarchy.

This week we discover what Jax’s big plan is. He wants to cripple the Asian gang through various attacks, and cut off all of it’s support. Then, when they’re at their weakest, Jax will lend a hand and become a trusted ally. Finally, when he gets the leader in one room with his friends & family, he’ll murder them all, make him live with the anguish, and then murder him as slowly & painfully as possible. Obviously it’s a very clear, & level headed plan, and one I’d be excited to hear as a member of the SOA, because Lord knows there won’t be serious blowback from all of this. He reaches out to the Indian Hills chapter for a little support in taking down a meet between the Asian gang and the Triads. The President of the chapter is a bit reluctant, reminding Jax of a speech he once made about bringing the Sons away from the guns & violence, but backs the man anyway. Along with the Sons, the President of the Indian Hills chapter has brought along some extra muscle, and they get on their way. They show up and absolutely kill everyone in sight, including a pretty sweet car chase between a Ford one-ton and a moving truck. In the end, it turns out it was a drugs for guns program, and now they’ve got the whole lot.

Juice frees Uncer, and tells him he can leave, but Wayne decides to hang around and see what he can do for him. Later, Uncer heads over to meet the new Sheriff, and we find out he’s been made a part-time, freelance inspector on the Sheriff department’s behalf on Tara’s case. Later, Gemma finds out that Uncer knows of Juice’s location, and figures this probably isn’t best for business. She heads over to Wendy’s house and gives Juice close to $5000, as well as the key’s to her father’s house. It’s up for sale, but the power is still on, and she feels it’s best he crashes there until they can figure out what to do next. Juice tries to leave, but just ends up returning to Wendy’s, unsure of his next step.

Nero has been spending the day with Wendy, as they both learn that they have a lot in common as far as suffering goes. At one point while driving, they become boxed in by members of the Asian gang. The stylish leader is understandably upset at what happened at his meet earlier. He feels that the Sons are the ones behind it, and wants Nero to find out about it with the quickness. Arranging a meeting between him & Jax,  Teller pleads total innocence, and promises to find out who did it, right away. Later that evening Jax, Bobby, and Chibs head over to the house of the hired muscle that the President of the Indian Hills chapter hired, under the guise that they wanted to pay them for their work either. After a bit of chatting, they kill both men, and plant some of the drugs they stole from the heist earlier, then make a phone call saying they know who pulled the job on the Asians. Soon after, the President of the Indian Hills chapter shows up, and is struck down with grief over the death of one of the men, as he seems to have a very close relationship to the young man. He makes the connection instantly, and knows that Jax was behind it.

The closing scene is Jax coming home and laying next to his son, Abel, while shedding a few tears, knowing he’s become something he never thought possible.

Final Thoughts:
This was an excellent episode, and really the first in a good while that made me dreading the episode ending, because I was so enthralled in what was going on. I haven’t been that into the show since the start of Season 5. I was a little worried that Sutter wouldn’t be able to deliver in this final season, but so far my worries have been put completely to rest.