WWE Brothers of Destruction DVD reviewThe Brothers of Destruction is the name of the tag team consisting of on-screen brothers Kane and The Undertaker in the WWE. These two characters have one of the most interesting storylines of the last 20 years, with Undertaker an almost supernatural being and Kane the brother he thought died as a baby. They had a fantastic feud for years when Kane returned alive and went after his brother in revenge.

The Brothers of Destruction DVD set has nothing to do with that at all.

This is a quick and straight forward set that includes the matches that Kane and Undertaker fought as a tag team, starting in 2001 and then going on to their minor reunions in 2006 and 2008. It should also be pointed out that, if you have the DVD, which I was sent to review, and not the Blu-ray, you miss out on two of the best matches.

According to reports, the Blu-ray includes both the Brothers of Destruction match against Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H in 2001 as well as their match alongside Daniel Bryan against The Shield from 2013, the match where The Shield actually put Undertaker through the announcer’s table. Those matches would have made this a must-buy, so take what you get in this review and consider ignoring the DVD I am reviewing here and upgrading to the Blu-ray that I wish I was reviewing.

On to the WWE Brothers of Destruction DVD review.

There is no documentary and no talking heads on this set. There is no one introducing the matches and setting up why they are taking place. You have to either have knowledge of the history of the team or allow the announcers to explain the storyline as you are watching the matches. There are seven matches on display here.

The set opens with The Brothers of Destruction battling Edge and Christian for the WWE tag team titles in a no disqualification match. There is a lot of interference by Rhyno in the match, but Kane and Undertaker prevailed in a nice no-rules match. The second match was against The Dudley Boyz in a tables match. This kind of introduced the feud with Diamond Dallas Page, who tried to help Bubba Ray Dudley put Undertaker’s wife Sara through a table, but failed, helping Kane and Undertaker win again.

For those who don’t know, the Undertaker and Diamond Dallas Page feud was about Page stalking Sara, while taking photos and private videos of her. Page once again tried to get involved in a match where Undertaker and Kane took on WCW tag team champions Sean O’Haire and Chuck Polumbo. It backfired again, and The Brothers of Destruction won the WCW tag team belts.

That led to what might be the most entertaining match on the DVD set as WWE tag team champions Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon took on WCW tag champions The Brothers of Destruction in a steel cage. It had a brilliant ending, when Undertaker ordered Kane to let Kanyon escape from the cage and then brutalized Page inside the cage for the win to unify the titles.

After this, there were reunions shown on the DVD. First, the brothers fought MVP and Mr. Kennedy, who they were individually feuding with. Then, two years later, they re-teamed to battle Mark Henry and Big Daddy V and then took on The Miz and John Morrison.

One very complicated thing about the WWE Network is that match compilations like this are not worth the money if the matches are just from pay-per-views, because those can easily be found and watched on the WWE Network. However, this DVD did a good job of taking matches from television and mixing them with the pay-per-view matches to give fans a nice look at the Undertaker and Kane as a tag team.

At the end of the day, this is a decent DVD but has some downfalls. First off, you have to really be a fan of the Brothers of Destruction as a tag team to really enjoy this set. Second, this is not something that will remain re-watchable for anything but hardcore fans. Next, the fact that it ignores the entire Undertaker and Kane relationship is a missed opportunity. A documentary included here could make this a must-buy. Finally, skip out on this DVD if you are a fan and buy the Blu-ray because of the two superior matches included in it.