Tom and Christine

Christine has her baby in the car with Tom. The baby is constantly crying. Christine asks Tom is Wayne ever going to come for them. Tom tells her that he doesn’t’ know. Christine has lost faith in Wayne and feels she was stupid for believing in him. Christine goes to a rest stop to ┬áchange the baby. Tom hears crying from outside. He rushes into the bathroom to find that Christine has left the baby on the floor. Christine has run away.


Lauries exchanges notes to Jill asking her to go home. Jill doesn’t take her mothers advice. Jill is not talking like the rest of the GR’s and then takes off her clothes and puts on an all-white attire. Meg asks Laurie are they still going forward with the plan? Laurie confirms that they are.

Kevin and Matt

Matt meets Kevin at the cabin in the woods to help pray for Pattie. Matt touches the body to pray for it and Kevin urges him not to as this is a crime scene. Kevin tells Matt that if he touches it (Patties body) that they will be in this together. Matt tells Kevin that they will be in this together. Kevin and Matt drag Pattie to the woods to bury her. Matt has Kevin read a passage from the bible. Kevin is hesitant saying that he doesn’t believe in it anymore. Matt convinces Kevin to read the passage. Kevin cries while reading it.

On the way back to town Matt takes Kevin to a mental ward. The same hospital that his father is in. Kevin and his dad exchange a few words. Kevin Sr. screams at someone and tells Kevin Jr. not to turn around. A voice behind Kevin Jr. tells him not to listen to his dad and that he should turn around. Kevin turns around and sees Pattie. Kevin can’t believe his eyes as he just buried Pattie. Kevin does not think that this is real. Pattie assures him that this is real as she straddles him and kisses him. Pattie screams to Kevin to “Wake the fuck up”. Kevin wakes up in the car with Matt outside of a restaurant.

Matt is asking Kevin what did Patti say to him. Kevin doesn’t tell Matt. Kevin does tell Matt that he had an affair with a woman whom he didn’t know her name on the day of the event. Kevin breaks out crying again.


Nora wakes up and heads to the kitchen. When she gets there she sees mannequins modeled and dressed as her family. Nora sees this and cries.

Holy Wayne

Kevin goes to the bathroom in the restaurant and hears a man moaning in a stall. Kevin goes to ask the man is he ok. The man is Holy Wayne. Kevin wants to call for help but Wayne insists that he is going to die in a few minutes and he just wants someone to sit with until him until he kicks the bucket. Holy Wayne asks Kevin to make a wish. Wayne babbles about no one believed him and if he is a true savior he wants to show Kevin. The FBI barges in the bathroom and handcuffs Wayne and Kevin. The police are questioning him when Matt walks over. Matt tells the officer that Kevin hasn’t done anything wrong and that he is a police chief. The office wonders why Kevin did say this earlier. The officer lets Kevin and Matt go on their way.

Back to Mapleton

Kevin and Matt go back to Mapleton to find chaos amidst. A lady is running down the street shooting the GR’s. Kevin tries to calm her down but the lady is furious at what the GR’s did. The GR’s have mannequins that look like the departed, dressed as the departed and the town isn’t taking kindly to this. Lucy tells Kevin that he was right. The town has had enough of the GR’s and have burned down their cult houses. Kevin rushes to one of the houses to see Laurie being dragged out by a man. Kevin beats the daylight out of this fellow and proceeds to help Laurie. Laurie screams (she actually talks) Jill’s name. Kevin rushes in to save Jill.

Nora’s a coward

Nora is sitting at her table with her family. She decides to write Kevin a letter explaining that she is leaving. Nora basically explains that she is a basket case and that she will never be the same. Nora goes to Kevins house to drop off the letter to find a baby at Kevins door. Nora picks up the baby and rocks it. Kevin and Jill walk up to the house to find a smiling Nora

I could not be happier that this show’s season has come to an end.