WWE Monday Night Raw opens with Chris Jericho in the ring for a special Highlight Reel episode. Jericho calls out someone who has never worked a day in his life, Randy Orton. However, Triple H’s music kicks on and Triple H, Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins all come out in suits. Jericho calls them “Sellout, Suckup and Schnoze.” Triple H says that Chris Jericho never grew up and makes a short joke. Triple H said that he has business to conduct and then Jericho said that he thought Triple H only conducted business when his wife is in jail.

Triple H then drops the bomb that a rematch between John Cena and Brock Lesnar would not be best for business and he is thinking of naming a new number one contender. Randy Orton claims he is the only person who can beat Brock Lesnar. Then, Kane mentions he should put his mask back on and get the shot. Seth Rollins then said the future has already arrived. They are in Rollins’ home town. Jericho then points out he is a six time champion and the first undisputed champion.

John Cena is out next and he is all business. He said he can beat Brock Lesnar, but remember that he made Triple H tap out at Wrestlemania 22. He said that if Triple H takes his title shot away then he will sue Triple H and the WWE. He said that will make him the COO and he will look at Triple H and fire him. Triple H makes fun of Cena for threatening a lawsuit and calls him small minded. He doesn’t think John Cena as champion is best for business but Cena’s career ending at the hands of Brock Lesnar isn’t good either.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Seth Rollins said they should give Cena the match because they have Plan B if things work out right. Then Randy Orton said to let Cena have the shot and give him his mandatory rematch that he is still owed. Chris Jericho then makes fun of Orton never winning and mentioned that Roman Reigns beat him at SummerSlam. Orton said if Reigns was there now, he would drop him.

Roman Reigns comes out. “Here I am Randy, drop me. Just like I thought, all talk.” Reigns then mentions breaking up the Dean Ambrose eulogy and then makes fun of Kane and Rollins. Roman Reigns said his name belongs in the world title mix as well. Triple H books a six man match tonight between the men in the ring. He said that he will be at ringside to see who can prove they deserve the top spot. Seth Rollins took a shot at Roman Reigns with the briefcase but missed.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and U.S. Champion Sheamus take on The Miz and Cesaro, with Damien Sandow at ringside in their corner. This is a tag team match where the champions battle their Night of Champions opponents. Most of the first part of the match saw Miz trying to protect his face and then the crowd loudly chanted “We want Ziggler.” Sandow came in at the end as Miz’s stunt double but Ziggler hit him with the Zig Zag and then Miz snuck in and hit the Moneymaker for the win.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Up next is “Growing Up Bella” where Nikki Bella blames Brie Bella for costing her the guy she liked in high school.

Summer Rae, Layla and Naomi takes on Cameron, Rosa Mendes and Eva Marie are up next in six-person tag team action. This is a Total Divas match with the cast members of the show. The match broke apart and the referee threw the match out. The match sucked really bad.

Over 1,200 pounds of men are in the ring next as The Wyatt Family battles Big Show and Mark Henry. The match was actually much better than I thought it would be. Midway through Rusev and Lana made their way out to the ring (Rusev is currently feuding with Mark Henry). They watched for a while and waited. When Mark Henry went for the World’s Strongest Slam Rusev came in and kicked him in the face for the DQ.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Up next is another “Growing Up Bella” and Nikki Bella said that Brie Bella stole Nikki Bella’s car and totaled it. She then gave the police Nikki’s driver’s license to blame her for the accident.

The WWE has invited Michael Sam to come to WWE Monday Night Raw next week and offered him an open mic.

Paul Heyman comes out next to cut a promo about the upcoming Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena match. He said that John Cena mowed through the Wyatt Family last week and will look great tonight. But the entire locker room doesn’t compare to Brock Lesnar.

Jack Swagger is out next and then Zeb Colter comes out behind him for the first time since Rusev kicked him in the head. Swagger’s opponent is Curtis Axel. Three chairs were brought out to the entrance during the match and Bo Dallas came out and stood by them. Three people from the audience came out and sat in the chairs. Axel won the match with the Patriot Lock. Dallas congratulated him on the win and then introduced him to three of the people that Jack Swagger let down by losing to Rusev at SummerSlam. Ritchie bet an entire month’s salary on Swagger beating Rusev and now he is losing his farm because of Swagger. Angelo came to the country and was so upset because of Swagger’s loss and he failed his citizenship test and is being deported back to Italy because of Swagger. Jennifer is next. Her son Stewart said that Swagger was his favorite wrestler but now he wants to be like Vladimir Putin because Swagger lost. Bo Dallas told everyone to stand up, put their hand over their heart and say “All you have to do is Bolieve.”

WWE Monday Night Raw

Adam Rose and the Rose Buds are out next for the first time in a couple of months! Rose is sporting his Leo Kruger beard. His opponent is Titus O’Neil, who has Heath Slater at ringside with him. The Bunny taunted Heath Slater the entire match and Slater decked him. The Bunny then attacked Slater and started to beat the hell out of him. This distracted O’Neil long enough for Rose to get the cradle pin.

The next “Growing Up Bella” had Nikki saying the Brie almost flunked out of high school. Brie asked Nikki to pretend to be her and take her final exams for her, so she helped Brie get out of high school.

Rusev is out next. Lana makes fun of America for taking “another day off” for Labor Day and says America sucks. Zack Ryder is the opponent. Rusev squashed Ryder easily. After the match, Mark Henry came out and ran to the ring. Rusev actually ran away. Henry said he is the strongest man in the strongest country in the world and he will open a new international wing in his Hall of Pain.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are talking and McMahon said the Growing Up Bella stories really strikes a chord in her. Stephanie said that she wants to give back to Nikki and Triple H is being the goofy proud husband. Back from commercial, Stephanie McMahon is out. She said that, as one of the most powerful females in the world, it is her job to commend Nikki Bella for telling her story. McMahon said the people in the audience know what it is like to feel weak. McMahon tells Nikki that she is proud of her. Stephanie McMahon gives Nikki Bella a Divas title match. Brie Bella is out and McMahon tells her the Bella music now belongs to Nikki. Brie asked if the lies were just told to get a title match. Nikki said she can see through Brie just like Stephanie and soon her “goat faced husband” will see through her and divorce her. AJ Lee’s music kicks on and she skips down to the ring. “Hi boss lady.” AJ Lee said there is one contender and she is owed a rematch. She said what is best for business is to leave the Bella problems to themselves and the title to her. Paige is out next. “With all the talk about the Divas Champion, something is missing. The Bloody Divas champion.” Nikki said that she will forgive Brie if Brie sacrifices for her like she sacrificed for her all those years. She told Brie Bella to quit. She asked why Brie would quit for Nikki but would quit for Daniel Bryan. Nikki said that if Brie loves her for a sister, she will leave. Brie Bella finally just knocked the crap out of Nikki Bella, who knocked over Paige. Brie left. AJ Lee picked up the Divas title and skipped around the ring. Stephanie McMahon blocked her way and ordered her to give her the Divas title and after quite a long pause, Lee did and left.

Bray Wyatt cuts a backstage promo. Next week, Wyatt faces Chris Jericho in a steel cage match. His advice for Jericho is to run.

The Usos are out next. Jimmy Uso is in singles action and Jey Uso is wearing a knee brace from getting hurt last week against Goldust and Stardust. He will face Goldust tonight with Stardust by his side. Goldust takes the mic and apologizes for their actions last week. He said that they are sorry but The Usos attack them. Stardust and Jey started battling at ringside, Jimmy came to the rescue and then Goldust hit the Final Cut for the win. After the match, Goldust wrapped Jimmy’s injured leg around the ring post and then Stardust smashed his knee with a chair.

Backstage, Mark Henry is talking to Big Show. The Big Show reminds Henry that they have an agreement to be the most dominant tag team in the world but Henry said that he has to take care of Rusev first. Big Show said that he had Henry’s back but Henry said that he has to do this by himself for his country.

The main event is next with John Cena, Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho taking on Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are out first and sits at ringside to watch the match. The fans are chanting “We want Rollins” because WWE Monday Night Raw is in Iowa, which is Rollins’ hometown. Almost the entire match saw John Cena almost begging to get tagged in only to get frustrated every step. Finally, at the end Cena got tagged in, took out Randy Orton, hit Seth Rollins with a belly to back and then lifted Kane onto his shoulder, did “You can’t see me” to Triple H and hit the AA. He then tagged in Roman Reigns and went out to stand face to face with Triple H while Reigns hit the spear and won. Cena said he did what no one else could, especially not the Authority. Seth Rollins tried to attack him but Cena lifted him and stared at Triple H while he hit the AA onto the announcer’s table. He then said he will see Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions.