A collective of unionized individuals from the film industry, both actors and crew, have banded together to put out a new Safety For Sarah PSA that they hope will bring awareness to the Sarah Jones tragedy. Participants of the PSA include Heather Locklear, Paul Dano, director Jake Scott and other workers from both behind and in front of the camera. The Safety For Sarah PSA consists of dramatic music with each individual holding up a sign that relays a message pertaining to Sarah Jones.

You can check out the Safety For Sarah PSA video here:

Sarah Jones was struck by debris when a freight train collided with a set piece during a film shoot in Georgia, this past winter. The scene was set up as a part of the production of the Greg Allman bio pic Midnight Rider (directed by Randall Miller, starring William Hurt, Wyatt Russell and Eliza Dushku). The project’s listing on IMDB  has gone from “filming” status to “in development” and all names, both cast and crew, have been completely removed.

According to The Wrap, Gregg Allman had filed a lawsuit to shut down the production of Midnight Rider, as Allman claimed that the producer’s option to make the film had expired. Some sources indicate that they hadn’t been “officially” in production while filming in Georgia and was merely running a series of camera tests.

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