Eric Northman walks into a villa, it’s raining. As he undresses, he senses a presence enter the room behind him and says, “You found me.” It’s Jason Stackhouse. Eric tells him that he needed space to think, that he’s still thinking. Jason says, yeah me too. I can’t escape a single thought, space or no space. He talks as if he’s a jilted lover. Eric asks, what about Violet? Jason replies, I’m crazy about her but I can’t get you out of my head. Jason reaches for Eric’s belt, which starts a sexual struggle ending in them having sex. Jason in his uniform falls over on a bench in church, waking suddenly from the erotic dream. Roll opening credits.

Outside the church, Andy with the police are talking about how to find the H-vamps, since they have vacated the nest. Sookie tells them about the dead girl she saw while walking home the night before, and suggests that identifying her may lead to clues on where to find them.

Sam tells the town’s people that he highly suggests that they all are home by dusk, and if they go out they are to be accompanied by a vampire guardian.

Arlene and Holly, along with the other captives cower in the basement of Fangtasia as the H-vamps argue above. They reveal that the captives in the basement were meant to be rationed, and are distraught at having to hunt again so soon. The effects of the Hep V are taking their toll, and are visible now.

Arlene recognizes one of the H-vamps as one of her children’s teachers from 1st grade, after she spares her and chooses another captive to eat next. She tells Holly and the rest that she thinks that she can use that knowledge to get them out of there.

Sookie takes Jason, Andy, Alcide and Sam to the body of the girl she saw. They easily identify her from the cards in her wallet, but are unable to contact her family, so plan a trip to St. Elise where she is from to find her next of kin.

Lettie Mae checks in on Lafayette, and tells him that she made good with Tara just before she died. She says that she needs more, that Tara came to her the night before in spirit and needs her help. She asks for Lafayette’s help getting blood so she can summon her. They argue after he refuses, and Lettie Mae storms out, but not before telling Lafayette that he’s going to hell.

Over at Bellefleur’s bar, volunteers help clean up the bar. Vince storms in and tells everyone that they shouldn’t be helping Sam, he’s not protecting them. A scream interrupts the rant, and they find more bodies in the freezer. Vince then tells them all that Sam is a shifter, the police are taking advice from a psychic and they are relying on vampires to protect them, inciting a riot and convincing them all to take matters into their own hands.

Arlene tries to talk to Betty, the Teacher, and convince her to help them get free. Betty says that she doesn’t have the first clue how to help them, if she showed them mercy, the others would kill her immediately. Arlene and Holly explain that she was the best teacher their kids ever had, and how much she meant to them. Betty breaks down crying, and tells them that she’s scared, that she can’t help them. Arlene tells her that at least she knows that she’s going to die, most people don’t get that. That she can make choices based on that in her last days, that her legacy is all that she has. Betty agrees to figure something out to help them. She then takes one of the captives that she doesn’t know, and drags him up the stairs to be eaten.

In the town of St. Elise, the streets are empty and there are biblical quotes and cries for help painted on the buildings. Sam spots one on a roof saying SOS, before he has a chance to investigate Sookie yells for them. They find a pit with the bodies of hundreds dumped in it, she says there is no one left, they were either killed or taken.

Adilyn and her boyfriend run to the sheriff’s office and warns Deputy Kenya Jones that the towns people are coming to raid the gun room. As they start to try to load them into her truck, the angry mod storms in and demands the guns. Vince asks her if she thinks the carnage of the night before would have happened if they had the guns then? Kenya responds, “Don’t try that NRA, hill billy shit on me! If you all’d been armed last night, this whole town would’a been dead. I’m not letting you get your hands on these guns!” One of Vince’s lackies tries to convince Kenya that she shouldn’t roll over and take shit from anymore, telling her that the reason why she hasn’t been promoted was because she’s black. Sadly Kenya is convinced, she grabs her cuffs and tries to slap them on Adilyn’s wrist, Adilyn panics and accidentally shoots off fairy light. Her panic wakes Jessica, who then panics as well. It’s daytime and she can’t run to her rescue. She tries to call Sookie, but Sookie had dropped her phone sometime before.

In St. Elise, Sookie, Andy and the rest find the dead girl’s house, Jason determines that they had been taken about 2 days ago during dinner. They split up and search the rest of the house. Andy vows to make Holly his wife if he ever gets her back. He says that he’s always been too much of a p*ssy before to make a plan and stick with it, but a man is nothing without a family. Sookie finds the girl’s diary, the entries make her sound just like Sookie. She also fell in love with a vampire after he walked into the restaurant she worked at. Reading it makes her remember her courtship with Bill and all that led up to where there are now. Sam searching alone finds that one room was a nursery, the woman had a baby. They all regroup, and somberly go on their way, since the sun will be setting soon.

Lettie Mae burns herself while cooking, as she runs water on it she seems to go into a trance. She then walks over to the frying pan on the stove and puts her hand on the hot pan and screams as she burns. She then goes down and wakes Willa. She tells her that her hand slipped and she needs help ‘real bad’, she needs her blood. Willa tells her that the Reverend said not to give her anymore blood, but Lettie mae argues and begs, and Willa gives in. It heals Lettie Mae, and causes her to hallucinate. She sees Tara on a cross, crucified. Tara whispers to her incoherently, as a snake winds around her body. Willa stands dumbfounded before Lettie Mae, who is yelling at the phantoms in her head, and realizes her mistake.

While Alcide and Sookie drive home, she says that Bon Temps in going to wind up just like St. Elise. He says that they can just keep driving, save themselves. She says no.

At Fangtasia, Betty tells the other H-vamps that she wants to be the sleep monitor. She says that they all know she’s the weakest one and she’s afraid that they’ll kill her if she falls asleep. They agree and take a nap, letting her keep watch. Betty then runs down stairs and tells the captives that they only have 12 minutes to escape, but she needs to feed before they do because she’s too weak. Arlene volunteers, and Betty tells her that it has to be the femoral artery. As Betty feeds she starts to get frantic, the final stage of HepV hits and she dies between Arlene’s thighs as Arlene and the rest scream.

Andy comes home, and Jessica announces her presence in the attic. He holds a gun on her as she tries to tell him that Adilyn is in trouble. He accuses her of eating Adilyn, and Jessica tells him that she didn’t, she just wants to help him find her.

Alcide and Sookie return to her house, he goes to take a shower after the long day. While he’s in the shower she leaves, crossing the graveyard to Bill’s house. She asks Bill if he can still sense her fear, if she got herself into some serious shit, would he still be able to find her?

Pam walks into a villa in France, storms down the stairs and finds Eric with 2 blondes that vacate as she enters. He looks strung out. He says, “You found me.” as the veins on his chest visibly spread. He has the Hep V virus.  Fade to Black

Wait…what the hell?! The last we saw Eric he was bursting into flames, now he has Hep V? Seriously? The jump leaves a bad taste in my mouth, like watching a daytime soap opera. I guess I just expect more from my night time soaps, that include vampires, werewolves and fae creatures of other sorts. I do like where they are going with Lettie Mae’s character, keeping continuity with her past of having an addictive personality. All in all I thought it was a decent episode, despite a few twists that don’t sit well. What do you think?