JoBlo has released some plot details for the upcoming Ant-Man movie, but it is still hard to get excited about the movie after Edgar Wright left the project. However, one thing we need to keep in mind is that Peyton Reed is a great comic director (he worked on Mr. Show and Upright Citizen’s Brigade) and if he had been signed in the start instead of Edgar Wright, it could have been great news.

Sadly, he will always be compared to what could have happened with Wright at the helm.

Despite that, it sounds like the movie will follow the story from the comics about Scott Lang (Paul Rudd). Lang is a single father who has fallen on hard times and breaks into Hank Pym’s (Michael Douglas) apartment to steal the Ant-Man suit.

Ant-Man plotWhile that is all that is said about that part of the story, in the comics, Lang steals the suit to rescue a world-renowned doctor because Lang’s daughter is dying and this doctor might be able to save her. That would be huge in making sure that Lang remains sympathetic despite being a thief (and presumably an ex-con).

On to the villain. It is Darren Cross, who happens to be the cousin of Crossfire. Cross runs a huge technological company that is a rival for Tony Stark and actually has a battle suit of his own.

Also revealed by the Ant-Man plot details is that Ant-Man’s major power comes from his mask allowing him to communicate with ants which will add a huge element to the story. His suit will be more “TRON-like,” which is the same description used for Black Widow’s new costume in Avengers: Age of Ultron, something that allows them to deliver their “sting” blasts.

It all sounds pretty cool. I would argue that Marvel fans should give it a chance despite the “what could have happened” scenario that occurred when Edgar Wright left. What are your thoughts about the Ant-Man plot details? Let us know in the comments.