Marvel has signed Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts to work on the script for the upcoming Phase 3 Marvel movie Doctor Strange. This follows the news that Marvel signed Scott Derrickson to direct the film and Benedict Cumberbatch might be up for the lead role.

Deadline reports that Marvel is fast tracking the project and there is a pretty good chance that this will be the second Marvel movie to hit in 2016. Marvel has already said that they plan to release one existing property and one new property each year.

2014 saw the second Captain America movie, followed by the new Guardians of the Galaxy. 2015 sees the second Avengers movie, followed by the new Ant-Man. 2016 has a third Captain America movie set up with probably Doctor Strange to follow. If I had to guess, 2017 would start with the third Thor movie and possibly Black Panther or Ms. Marvel to follow that.

There is a good chance that, now that Marvel has their director and writer for the movie, they will name the lead actor soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a name introduced at ComicCon next month in San Diego. I also think that fans of Doctor Strange will have little to worry about with Derrickson behind the lens.

Derrickson directed the very underrated Exorcism of Emily Rose and the recent excellent Edge of Tomorrow. Plus, he is a Doctor Strange fan.

“I wanted it really bad,” Derrickson said. “More than any other project that I’ve gone after, I felt compelled to do everything in my power to get on that project. Genuinely felt like I was the right guy to do it.”

Doctor Strange is in good hands and if they go ahead and pull the trigger and sign Benedict Cumberbatch, I will have reached terminal levels of excitement for the project. Are you excited about seeing Doctor Strange on the big screen? Lets talk mysticism in the comment section below.