The Star Wars VII rumors will continue to roll in until the movie finally hits theaters. With JJ Abrams in charge, nothing can really be believed – even if it does come from the mouths of the production team (see: Khan). So, rumors are just that until the movie actually hits theaters next year. However, they are still fun to chat about, so lets talk the new Star Wars VII rumors about the movie’s villains.

MakingStarWars reported this week that the villains from the movie will be known as Jedi Hunters and those villains are the reason that there has been no New Republic since the end of Return of the Jedi. The Jedi Hunters in the movie will be represented by two people (played by Lupita Nyong’o and Adam Driver) and that is what the new trilogy will be based on when it kicks off. said these rumors are 100% false. That site said that they know the rumors are false but they are not allowed to explain how they know the rumors are false. It is just a big Star Wars geek war about who is getting the biggest scoop. According to, they checked with their sources who debunked it.

Kind of like how the Khan rumors from Star Trek Into Darkness were debunked. Like I said, no one really knows anything and no one can be trusted. But, damn if Star Wars VII rumors aren’t going to be fun over the next year.

Of course, people can’t make wild speculations based on “close sources” better than Latino Review. Maybe they felt left out of the crazy rumor mill so they jumped all over this. Latino Review commented that the MakingStarWars story proves that they have a well-placed source and they are partially right.

According to Latino Review, there will be Jedi Hunters, although that isn’t the name they are known as. They refer to them more a mercenaries and a person close to the project said that the bad guy roles sounds just like the Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels – but it is not the Inquisitor.

So, at the end, it sounds like the bad guys are people who kill Jedis, but they are not called Jedi Hunters. They are a lot like the Inquisitor, but there is no Inquisitor in the movie. We know nothing but the Star Wars VII rumors are giving strong hints that at least two sites have confirmed as close to the truth.

Oh, and the Storm Troopers are in black armor now. Or maybe not.