Bent on capturing the nostalgia that the original Stars Wars films instilled in all children of the late 70’s-80’s, first in bringing on the return of our heroes by casting the actors that played them, Star Wars VII effectsJ.J. Abrams is furthering the effort by employing more of the practical effects and puppetry used in the first three films. Abrams released a video showcasing a character from the new film, while promoting Star Wars VII effects company Unicef Innovation Labs, which is giving a chance for a lucky fan to be in the film.

When most think of puppetry in motion pictures, they think of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, and though the creature seems similar in design to a character in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, the studio is not involved in the forthcoming film. The similarity has caused a little controversy among fans, but the design is well outside of the 60% differential required to qualify as artistic infringement. Because of the obvious limitation in hiding the puppeteer, there are only so many possible base structural designs.

Star Wars VII effects

Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucas Film, said, “We’re going to use every tool in the toolbox.” That’s an exciting prospect for fans of the original films, the three prequel films being considered a let down by most, having been loaded with CG and capturing little of the original feel.

The contest, Star Wars: A Force for Change will raise funds for everything from Learning kits to solar power to help families around the world. Disney has already pledged one million to unicef, and though no purchase is necessary to enter the contest, Lucas Film has come up with some really cool items for incentive for fans to donate. You can check out the Force for Change initiative at, and enter for your chance to be a part of Star Wars history.

Are you excited about the that the Star Wars VII effects are remaining practical? Lets talk practical effects in the comment section below.