A lot of the reasons fans have thought up over why Edgar Wright and Marvel broke off their eight year relationship have been popping up all over the Internet. However, Latino Review has sources who indicate that the reasons for Wright leaving are the worst possible explanation.

They report that Edgar Wright left the movie because of the Ant Man script re-writes done by what is labeled as “low credit writers.” El Mayimbe said that three months ago, Marvel sent notes to Edgar Wright and his writing partner Joe Cornish about changes they wanted to see.

These changes apparently wanted to see changes in the “morality” of the script as well as the inclusion of franchise characters. Wright and Cornish worked on the script to give Marvel what they wanted while keeping their vision of what the movie should look like. Marvel wasn’t happy and had their two writers work on re-writes.

They sent the Ant Man script back to Edgar Wright, he read it and set up a meeting on Friday where he quit as the director. The reasons according to El Mayimbe?

Poorer, homogenized, and not Edgar’s vision.

Those are not the words you want to hear when thinking of an upcoming Marvel movie. I can think of two times in the past that Marvel struggled with their directors – the first on Iron Man 2 and Jon Favreau and the second with Alan Taylor on Thor: The Dark World. The Thor movie turned out pretty good, although there were rumors re-shots were demanded. However, Favreau and Marvel butted heads on Iron Man 2, and if Marvel won out there, the movie was lesser for it.

It is also kind of strange that when James Gunn turned in his Guardians of the Galaxy work, they asked him to make it more like a James Gunn movie. But when Edgar Wright turned in his Ant Man script, they wanted it to be more homogenized.

Either way, it sounds like Edgar Wright is the one who walked out on Marvel, and it sounds like the Ant Man script might be the scariest proposition for the movie that is supposed to lead off Phase 3. Does anyone want the next Marvel phase to start off with a poor film?

Source: Latino Review