Well, for a couple of reasons, the Renegade weekend box office report has been missing in action for the past month. Well, we are back this week with your box office numbers and this week, it was no contest as Godzilla blew his atomic breath all over the competition for a monstrous $93.2 million finish.

So, how good was this? It almost matched the Captain America: The Winter Soldier take ($95 million) but bested The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($91.6 million). It also almost tripled what Pacific Rim made in its first weekend last year ($37.3 million), meaning that movie goers care more about name brand value. Luckily, the movie was great  and should continue to make money.

However, its time on top of the weekend box office charts will only be one because next week X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters and will knock Godzilla back down to size. That is one problem with the recent big blockbuster apocalypse as they will start to cannibalize on each other’s profits. 2015 will see the entire phenomenon implode as the studios eat themselves.

The comedy Neighbors remained in second place with a $26 million take in its second week and has made an impressive $91.5 million. The Amazing Spider-Man fell to third with $16.8 million and sits at $172.1 million after three weeks.

The critically acclaimed sports movie Million Dollar Arm made $10.5 million in its opening weekend. It was a poor outing for a movie that is said to be very good, but its A- CinemaScore should keep it in the Top 10 based on word-of-mouth for weeks to come.

Here’s the complete weekend box office breakdown:

Weekend Box Office

Position Title Weekend Total
1 Godzilla $93.2M $93.2M
2 Neighbors $25.9 $91.5
3 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $16.8 $172.1
4 Million Dollar Arm
$10.5 $10.5
5 The Other Woman $6.3 $71.6
6 Heaven is for Real $4.4 $82.2
7 Rio 2 $3.8 $118.0
8 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $3.7 $250.6
9 Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return $1.9 $6.5
10 Mom’s Night Out $1.9 $7.3


Weekend box office estimates courtesy of Box Office Mojo