Fans who watched last night’s season finale of Arrow got to see their first glimpse at what will become the 2014 Flash TV show. After Arrow wrapped up its second season, a Flash TV trailer aired that was not so much what we will see on the show, but more of a teaser showing us what Flash looks like.

Flash TV trailer

Flash/DC Comics

The Flash TV trailer, which is embedded below,  shows Arrow setting up to shoot at a target when Flash races by him and steps in front of the arrow to catch it. He whoops it up and Arrow calls him a show off. Then Arrow pulls out three arrows and Flash laughs and says bring it on.

I loved the teaser. First of all, we got to see Barry running at Flash speed and I loved how it looked. They showed him running fast, like a blur, but also used the lightning at his feet like we are used to seeing in the comics. Also, the costume that looked really horrible in the promo photos didn’t look that bad while seeing it in action.

I also like the carefree attitude of Barry in the Flash TV trailer. Yeah, in the old school days, Flash was a police forensic investigator, but honestly, I like him better in the New 52 where he is a little more cocky and laid back. He’s still a cop, but he is a cop with an actual personality.

From what I have read, the Flash TV show will not be all fun and games, and will feature the murder of Barry’s mom by the mysterious blurred figure. The focus will then be on Barry obsessed about solving that murder while becoming a superhero and keeping up as a CSI cop. I can’t wait.

Well, we have now seen teasers for Gotham, Constantine and Flash. Just give me a teaser for Agent Carter and I am good to go when it comes to the 2014 television season Рthe year that comic book fans have been dreaming of for years.

Check out the Flash TV trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.

AND, there is a new 5 minute extended promo that you can watch here.