After a standing-room-only screening of all four parts of this tremendous series, I am here to inform you that you are in for a treat. From the moment I arrived at FanExpo in Vancouver, here-  I was stopped by countless friends and strangers that the must-see panel was Nightwing: Prodigal.

With no affiliation with WB nor DC, this brainchild of Brady Roberts who also plays Nightwing/ Dick Grayson, and directed by Kyle James-Patrick, the story, they admit, is not fully within acceptable cannon, but has enough action, guest baddies, and jokes to keep even the staunchest fan entertained.

Nightwing looking at Batman mask

The story: While Batman is “away” Nightwing comes back to Gotham to help keep the peace, with his ex-girlfriend, Oracle running the tech in their base, Nightwing must move through the laundry list of Gotham’s Criminals to uncover the truth behind the Court of Owls.

With gorgeously framed shots that are just as gorgeously lit by their DP Bruce Borland (alumni of the equally gorgeous Smallville, TV series) the web series rises above typical fan film fare. Shot for around $2,000 Canadian, took from beginning to end over four months to prepare and shoot, this Vancouver shot series looks like a feature.

The first episode is online now,

Episode 1: Take Back the Night where Nightwing’s first step is to confront Poison Ivy.

The series will air the remaining 3 of the 4 episode arc, each Monday following.

Director Kyle James-Kirkpatrick will also have a feature film arriving in theatres on September 1 of this year. Not for the Saving about a woman on the precipice of committing suicide who meets her would-be savior, a party boy who came up to the same roof to have a cigarette. Renegade Cinema will have an interview with Kyle in the next week regarding the jump from Web-series to Feature film.