The announcement came in last week: Season 4 of FX’s  American Horror Story will feature a carnival theme for its new backdrop, called American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Ever since the first season in 2011, “Murder House”, ended, fans have speculated annually as to what the new horror trope will be for the notoriously imaginative and creepy show. Season 2 took place in the asylum; season 3, which ended last month, revolved around a coven of witches.

American Horror Story: Freak Show‘s carnival theme will take place during the 1950’s.  Jessica Lange will return and has been “practicing her German accent”, according to the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy.  The show will involve a “freakshow” aspect, evoking memories of Freaks, the 1932 horror classic directed by Todd Browning  (which famously coined the terrifying chant, “gooble gobble, gooble gobble, one of us, one of us!”).

Is the AHS carnival theme predictable? Maybe. But the news has allowed the internet to swarm with viral memories of long lost carnival horror flicks. Funhouse and The Last Circus come to mind. But what is it about carnivals in particular, attractions meant to entertain children and occupy families, that comes off as so frightening?

Well, in addition to freakshows, carnivals give us clowns, and everyone knows that clowns are bad news. The less said about these half-human vaudeville monstrosities the better.  Carnivals are also associated with money-grubbing boozers and beautiful damsel trapeze artists, and therefore serve as the backdrop for juicy, murderous drama. Lastly, there are funhouses with mirrors, and other such distorted apparitions that blur the lines between nightmares and reality.

Guys, this is exciting news. I know I lambasted the last season but that was only because I love AHS so much that I was heartbroken (too strong a word) to watch it fall into campy, nonsensical territory.

But that was in the past! And American Horror Story: Freak Show is in the future. Speculation time: what other horror goodies do you think a carnival will provide?

SOURCE: Coming Soon