This week’s Bates Motel had Norman helping Bradley leave town, Dylan helping Norman with Bradley, Norma helping Norman out of the basement, and…singing?

The Breakdown

This week’s episode of Bates Motel entitled Shadow Of A Doubt picked up where the season premiere left off with Norman helping Bradley conceal the murder of Gil Turner. Bradley shot him in the head last week believing that he was the person who had killed her father. Norman, still caring so much for Bradley, hid her in the basement of their house.

Norma asked her gynecologist during her exam if she knew anything about blackouts. She told the doctor that it was her sister experiencing them and that there was nothing physically wrong with her. The doctor offered to recommend a psychiatrist thinking there may be a mental disorder, but Norma refused saying that her sister did not live in the area.

Dylan and his co-worker Remo drove over to Gil’s house to see why he had not been responsive and were greeted by a street full of police cars in front of Gil’s house, along with the coroner. The sheriff asked if either of them knew anything about Gil’s shot to the head.

Norma was purchasing some books when she saw a sign for auditions of the musical South Pacific. The sparkle in her eye let viewers know that she was about to reign Norman in for some good, family fun.  After almost catching Bradley in their basement while she was searching for Norman, Norma explained to him that it would be fun for them to audition together. With that, the two of them belted out a few verses of Mr. Sandman while Norma played piano. Norman agreed to audition with his mother for the musical.

Dylan and Remo had dealings with a new guy named Zane who turned out to be the brother of the “big boss”. Zane was on a mission to find out who killed Gil and brought a man, duck-tape over his mouth and in the truck, to the location where Dylan and Remo were – asking the guys to get him out of the trunk. When Zane asked the poor man if he had something to do with Gil’s murder the man of course denied it, but Zane shot him dead anyway.

Sheriff Romero ended up questioning a man for Ms. Watson’s murder.  He told the man that his semen had been found inside Ms. Watson, with which the man replied asking if his was the only sample they found. The sheriff seemed a bit surprised and replied that no, there were two samples but his was the only one they identified.

Norma did a little snooping and ended up finding Ms. Watson’s pearls in Norman’s room. When she confronted him about it, Norman said that he found them in his pocket the next morning and still did not remember anything from that night. He said that the pearls were probably found at the dance.

Bradley was still in the basement of Norman’s house – hair colored and packed to leave town. Norman said he would be back at 8 p.m. to pick her up so that she could make her bus to leave town. This was after Norman had a brief, interesting conversation with the grocery store clerk over the items he was buying for “his mother” – hair dye, shampoo, blow dryer, etc. Unfortunately at 8 p.m., Norman was at the audition with his mother and was clearly not going to make his deadline with Bradley. Norman flipped out on Norma about not even wanting to be at the audition, but all it took were a few tears from Norma for Norman to comply. The two stayed to audition and Norman called Dylan to help him with Bradley.

Dylan headed for the basement to get Bradley to the bus. When they got to the bus stop, they stopped into the local café as they waited. Dylan told Bradley that she needed to write a suicide note and that he would be placing some of her clothes near the note. Bradley looked scared and a bit shaken, but complied.

After Norma brought down the house at the audition with her singing, the two arrived back at home to find Emma running out to greet them. She said that someone had been arrested for Ms. Watson’s murder. Norma was clearly ecstatic thinking that it was not Norman who had killed Ms. Watson. Norman politely dismissed Emma while she and Norman headed towards the house.

Norman ended up waiting outside for Dylan to return. When he did, he handed Norman a note from Bradley that told Norman he was the best person she had ever known. Norman smiled.

In the meantime, a car pulled up to a local garage when a man got out and asked the mechanic for the Bates Motel. The mechanic told the man that last he knew there were no vacancies at the hotel – the man said that he was Norma’s brother.

The Analysis

So much always happens in the episodes of Bates Motel! It seems that there are always so many moving parts and story lines, but it is never too much to take in. I will say; however, you have to pay attention or you might miss something.

Another thing I love about this show is that it is consistently surprising. Although I have been able to guess some small things over time, I cannot admit to guessing what will happen all the time and I love that!

With that said, this week’s episode was another great one. The sheriff is obviously aware of the drug money that runs the town, which I think we may have guessed. I am interested in the man he spoke to about it, which looked like the same man that Norman snapped a photo of at Ms. Watson’s grave on the last episode.

Then there is the man who was arrested for Ms. Watson’s death who seemed to know there would be more than one sample found on/in her. So, who exactly is he and what exactly does he know – any guesses?

Norman and Norma’s relationship is still creepy and the singing at the piano just sealed that deal for me. It is actually amusing to see their relationship in full force.

Bradley leaving town after Gil’s murder was somewhat expected, but it makes me wonder if she will really stay away or return later in the season. Her role at this point is crucial as Gil’s murder is obviously a pretty high-profile thing for the drug community.

The biggest interest I have for next week’s episode is the entrance of Norma’s brother. I simply cannot wait to see what he has in store for his sister!

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