The Breakdown

Skye has been taken to a SHIELD recovery center so that they can save her. The doctors do their best but it may be too late. The head doctor has told Coulson to alert Skye’s family. Coulson has other plans, he feels that if SHIELD had the technology to save him, they can do the same for Skye. Coulson tells Ward what really happened to him. Coulson even shows Fitz and Simmons the actual report that Nick Fury gave him. He wants them to analyze it and see how it was done so that they can save Skye. May beats the crap out of Quinn for Skye. Under Coulson’s orders the team takes Skye aboard the plane and also Quinn. SHIELD directed Coulson to turn Quinn over. SHIELD is taking control of the BUS because of the insubordination.

SHIELD has sent a team aboard the BUS, lead by agent John Garrett (Bill Paxton) to apprehend Quinn. Coulson doesn’t want them to take Quinn. Coulson and Garrett  make a deal to interrogate Quinn on the BUS while they get to Bethesda to save Quinn. Simmons has made no sense of the files Coulson gave them. Simmons calls the doctor that worked on Coulson to find out he isn’t there. Also the facility and everything involved with Coulson’s procedure can not be found as well. Quinn tells Garrett that the clairvoyant told him to shoot Skye. This whole ordeal has been set up so that the clairvoyant can find out how Coulson was saved.

Simmons and May question Coulson about trying to bring Skye back. They know that Coulson was messed up by the treatment he underwent and wonder could that same thing happen to Skye. Fitz and Simmons find a drug that was treated on Coulson named GH325. While searching through hundreds of files they find a place called the Guest House. The guest house is not a SHIELD facility so the team has to be careful trying to get into it. On arriving, Coulson doesn’t know the password to get into the facility so him, Garret and Ward go in by force.

Ward leads the way into the building. When the team gets down an elevator shaft and enter a door that Fitz has to hack into the mayhem begins. The team gets into an expendables like gun fight with two guards at the facility. Coulson throws a flash bomb and Ward shoots the guard. Another guard gets away but Coulson and Ward find him laying in a hallway bleeding. The guard asks Coulson does he know him and Coulson says I might. The guard tells Coulson about the timer.  Skye wakes up and goes into a convulsion like state. Simmons does her best to stabilize her. The facility is rigged to blow up with bombs and only gives the team 10 minutes to get out. The entrance that they came in is locked. Garrett and Ward goes to look for a way out while Coulson and Fitz look for the GH325. Coulson finds one of the rooms he was saved in and is send into a shock. Fitz comes in and asks him is this it. Coulson replies that it is. After going to a lab Fitz finds the GH-325. Ward tells them that they only have about 4 minutes. Coulson tells them to go ahead, he will be behind them. Coulson finds a room marked TAHITI and goes in.

Garrett, Fitz and Ward end up using some of the explosives to get out of the room they are trapped in. Garrett tells Ward and Fitz to get the drug to Skye. Garrett goes in to find Coulson. Coulson is walking around in a trance like state, then he screams out don’t give it to her. Ward tells May to get the BUS out of the area or the mountain will come down and trap them. May is about to take off when Garrett and Coulson come running aboard. Coulson gets on the BUS and tells Simmons  not to give Skye the drug. Simmons tells them that she is losing Skye anyway so she injects Skye with the drug. Skye goes thru a few convulsions and is now stabilized. After Garrett and Quinn leave. May asks Coulson why did he tell Simmons not to give Skye the drug. We hit a flashback to when Coulson goes into the TAHITI room. Coulson opens a door marked “GH” where the GH325 and other GH products come from. There are tubes running from the beakers that house the GH serum to a blue alien that is cut off at the torso. This shocks Coulson. Coulson then tells May that he didn’t want the same thing that happened to him to happened to Skye. But now he sees that isn’t going to be the case.

In the after credits scene

A man and woman who are just married are in Death Valley, CA. The bride goes into a shop to buy a map. An oddly dressed woman comes up to the man and takes the water out of his hand and drinks it. She asks is all of Midgard this crappy and the man has no idea what she is talking about. He begins babbling on about his wife. The woman ask do you prefer her to me. He says Yes that why I married her. She then asks the man for a favor. The wife comes out of the shop and hears the engine of the car. Her husband is it in and tells the woman “I will protect you with all of my life, but I don’t even know you’re name”. The woman says “You can call me Lorelei”

The Analysis

YAY continuation and Easter eggs. Well I guess Lorelei isn’t an Easter egg as she introduced herself at the end of the episode and we see she will be the focal point of the next show. I know a lot of people will look forward to next week episode but overlook the greatest of this one. There were so many gems in it and I think when we look back at this season this will be the episode that started it all. The best part is that Marvel has been touting that the show is finally going to hit it stride (with this episode) and they didn’t lie. There are other shows who promise this week in and week out to boost rating and never come through. Marvel does.