Adam Driver Villain?

Adam Driver Villain?

Place your pudgy little cheeto-covered fingers on your blaster and set your Nerd Rage to kill, another casting rumour has hit the internet. Although Adam Driver has neither been confirmed nor denied whether he is playing a villain in the J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars sequel, this wont stop the haters to start their hatin’. Slash Film has posted some Tweets from Lena Dunham that set the web ablaze when she congratulated him for his role only to renege ten minutes later having more than admited she was caught up in the fervour probably reading the exact same article on the very same site.

For those who just started watching TV,  Adam is best known as Adam (say what?!) on Lena’s HBO series GIRLS. Seemingly appearing overnight, IMDB claims he’s been playing bit parts all over the television and cinema since way back in ought nine, this fine up-and-comer was also last seen in the Coen’s Oscar snubbed Finding Llewyn Davis. I presume he has been rocking the stage stage on- and off-broadway.

As an avid fan of the series GIRLS, amidst its sometimes on the nose writing and oft poignant look at the messy twenty-something lives of the self-obsessed children of the internet and fast food generation who are so used to getting their egos stroked and A.D.D. attended to at the drop of a Facebook Status, Adam Driver has always been the consistent shining centre. Adams portrayal of the meandering artist of all mediums who successfully found a way to exist in the ever expensive New York city has created a strong character that actually started out as rather one-dimensional and turned out to be the strongest of the bunch… course, I leave that to Lena’s writing more than his acting.

This writer is excited to have his name thrown in the ring. Here’s hoping that JJ Abrams follows the rules that Lucas set forth in the first films (and ignored in the shitty prequels) by having a great cast of almost unknowns that can then embody the new and exciting characters within this (almost) new and exciting world. Nothing worse than watching a film and actually saying out loud or to yourself, “Hey, that’s Samuel L. Jackson. Coo.l” and not, “This character is a cool character.”

Yes, yes- I am aware that Lucas did use some strong historic actors like Alec Guiness and Peter Cushing, but only our parents knew Guiness and only the british horror fans knew Cushing. The rest of the fresh faces left us a whole world to be completely discoverable on our own.

Here’s hoping we don’t hear any big names used for this outing. Knowing that Star Wars was Abrams’ first choice over Star Trek we might get something good out of that franchise… again. Just please, no Mystery Box crap. I beg of you.


James C.