Well, it looks like Josh Trank has finalized his Fantastic Four casting and the choices were – strange and different. While some may hate some of the picks, and I’m not happy about some of them, it appears that the main basis on the casting in this movie is the Ultimates universe, similar to the work in Marvel’s movies.

Miles Teller will play Reed Richards, Kate Mara will play The Invisible Woman, Jamie Bell will play The Thing and Michael B. Jordan will play the Human Torch.

So, what can we gather from this?

First, Sue and Johnny can’t be blood siblings. They will have to change that part of their origin story and either make one of them adopted or have them as step or half siblings. It’s just time to get over the fact that filmmakers give a damn about character’s history and the creator’s visions. That doesn’t matter in film at all anymore.

Next, with the casting of Miles Teller as Reed, it looks like the movie will follow the line of the Ultimates where Reed was a child genius who was 21 when he used his research and inventions to accidentally give the team their powers. I’m not saying that is what will happen in the movie, but they are using Miles Teller, so I don’t see them having him pilot a spacecraft to outer space.

Now, lets move on to Jamie Bell as The Thing. I have no idea what they are going for here. Both in the regular Marvel universe as well as the Ultimate universe, Ben Grimm was a jock who was really pretty big and muscular. Jamie Bell looks like this:

Fantastic Four casting

That isn’t any Ben Grimm that I have ever seen. The more and more I think about the casting, from Jordan as The Human Torch and now Bell as The Thing, the more I see Josh Trank as the man who made one of the most successful comic book movies NOT based on a comic in Chronicle.

If the Fantastic Four casting and updates keep going like they are (and maybe Dr. Doom is turned into a woman like rumored), this might be his second big comic book movie NOT based on an actual comic book.

Because this isn’t The Fantastic Four.

Source: Variety