The Breakdown

Joe gets all cleaned up and loses the beard. Max is still following Giselle. They both get on the train and against Ryan’s advice Max follows Giselle. Lilly introduces Joe to everyone, her confused sons, the cook and the 2 black Frenchmen. Lilly wants to get next to Joe but Emma is preventing that. Emma is still highly pissed at Joe for faking his death and not finding her. Joe tells her that his plan is not to tell everyone his plans. Emma doesn’t feels she is everyone and is offended. Joe apologizes and feels that he failed everyone in Havenport.

Mike and Mendez get the footage of the train incident with Giselle, Max and Ryan. Mike ID’s Max. Ryan and Max have caught up to Giselle. Giselle wants Ryan to shoot her, Max pushes Giselle and knocks her out. The FBI finds out about Judy and the preacher that Joe killed and that Mandy is missing. Max and Ryan has Giselle held up in a crappy motel. Ryan is still trying to find out if Joe is alive. In the worst good cop/ bad cop roleplay session. Ryan goes ham on Giselle by almost choking her to death and Max held a gun to Ryan in order to get him to stop. This combined with Max about to call the FBI breaks Giselle and she tells them about the warehouse where she is supposed to meet Luke. Emma cries her heart out to Joe and tells him about the last followers that are dead or locked up. She also tells him that Lilly and her band of merry men are crazy as bats. Joe asks for Emma’s forgiveness and wants to start over with her, he also says that he has a plan. Lilly wants Mark to occupy Emma so she can be with Joe alone and get her rug munched on. Ryan tells Giselle that he intends to kill Joe. Ryan has Max stay with Giselle and he will go to the warehouse alone.


Creepy Mark takes Emma to the barn to show her his mom’s art studio. He knows that she used to paint and wants them to paint together. Ryan goes to the warehouse and doesn’t see anyone. He hears a car pull up and hides with gun out. Luke and one of the black Frenchmen come in with guns held high. Someone knocks on the hotel door and Max answers. It’s a maid asking if they want service. Giselle dislocates her thumb in order to undo the handcuffs. When Max turns around Giselle knocks Max cold out. Ryan goes cop and tells the black dude to freeze and drop his gun instead of just shooting him in the head. Ryan shoot him in the leg instead and runs. Ryan comes around and gets the jump on Luke and has him drop his gun. Ryan asks Luke where is Joe Carroll?Luke doesn’t give him a definite answer.  The black dude pulls out his holster gun and shoots.  Ryan kills the black guy and runs out of the warehouse, Ryan has been shoot (more like grazed) in the stomach.

Emma is painting Mark, Mark would like to see the painting but Emma tries to not let him see it. Mark sees the drawing anyway and he does not have a face. Mark touches Emma on the face and tells her that he likes her. Emma touches Mark back and he freaks out. Mark has Haphephobia, and could indicted he was raped as a child. Mark tells her he can touched her but it’s not a two-way street. Emma tries to get out of the room and the door is locked. Mark tells her that he can’t open the door and mother doesn’t want to be disturbed. Giselle gets to the warehouse andfinds Luke still there looking over the dead body. They ditch him in the truck, gun up and go after Ryan who as fled to the woods. Lilly takes Joe to a room which is supposed to be his private space. It has a woman in a cage and a torture table and a desk. Lilly asks if Joe has been writing. Joe replies that he was in Arkansas. Lilly tells Joe that she likes to foster and nurture talent and she wants to give him everything he wants. She just wants to be apart of his greatness. Joe lashes out at Lilly as if he is a puppet of hers.


Giselle and Luke go into the woods and find some of Ryan’s blood. They want to find him and make sure he is dead. Ryan finds a house and breaks into it. He begins to patch himself up and a woman comes in. He holds a gun to her head and makes her tie a scarf (or something) around her head (because he doesn’t want anyone to ID the ex cop who wrote 2 books). Joe tells Lilly that he will not be controlled by anyone and she wouldn’t want him if she could control him. As Ryan is cleaning up his mess he sees Giselle and Luke coming to the house. Giselle comes through the front door and she tells Ryan that she killed Max. They have a brief knife fight and Ryan stabs her, killing her. Luke comes in and shots up the couch trying to hit Ryan he then finds Giselle dead on the floor. Ryan runs out the door.

Joe goes back downstairs to his little “work room” picks up one of the many tools. He says hello to the girl in the cage, puts on some classical music and begins to perform his favorite pastime. The FBI finds the car of the preacher and has an image from a camera of Mandy and the man she was with (Joe). Mike looks at the photos and wonders if it is Joe. Joe has just finished his “art” on Wendy (the dead girl) while still covered in blood he goes up to Lillie’s room and they start to frolic. Luke is in the car still holding Giselle as if she where alive. Emma touches Mark in his sleep, she finishes her drawing and has put Joe’s head on Mark’s body. Ryan goes back to he hotel and find Max still alive, he hugs her and doesn’t say a word.


The Analyst

I was kinda hoping Luke would have died. Not because I hate Luke, it just would have been nice to see how Mark and Lilly would have flipped out if it was Luke. I never thought that Max was going to catch anyone let alone Giselle. Now that she got that victory I wonder will she be more like Ryan (going against authority) in the search for Joe. Or will the FBI shut her down. I love the fact that with so many shows on break, or just scared of the Olympics “The Following” is still fresh and new. See ya next week!