The Breakdown

Big news!  Ichabod is finally getting the hang of text messaging!  In other news, Andy Brooks (played by John Cho) shows up in Abbie’s kitchen.  He tries to convince Abbie to give him the Bible and become a high rank on Moloch’s side.  She refuses of course.  He tells her the Bible leads to a map.  He reminds her of the prophecy that Ichabod will give her soul to Moloch.  He tells her no one loves her like he does.  She has him cuffed but when she turns her back he breaks his undead hand to escape.

Abbie goes to see Ichabod.  She tells him about Andy and he tells her about his findings.  Ichabod recalled Washington referencing the story of Lazarus.  He looked it up in Washington’s bible and discovered that it was ten verses longer than it should be.  He figures those ten extra verses have a secret message.  He runs the brush with his concoction across the pages and a message is revealed.  It is written to Ichabod specifically and the two are surprised to read that Washington already knew Ichabod was one of the two witnesses.  It tells how he died four days prior but was resurrected by supernatural forces.  Abbie comments on the bizarre idea of a Zombie George Washington.  Washington’s message goes on to say that he requested his resurrection so he could bring back information learned once dead to draw a map for them to purgatory.

Sleepy Hollow Season Finale

Ichabod immediately realizes this is a way he could free his wife Katrina.  Abbie asks Ichabod not to let that cloud his judgment and he responds by asking that she not let the prophecy of him turning her soul over to Moloch cloud hers.  They both agree and shake on it.  Ichabod looks at the bottom of Washington’s message and see’s that Alfred Knapp was present at the resurrection.  He is the priest we met at the very beginning of the series.  He was there when Katrina performed the spell on Ichabod and he was at the church in present time fighting Headless as he had been the guardian of the skull for two hundred years.  The two talk it through realizing that the prayer beads that were used in the resurrection belonged to Knapp and were cursed and full of sin.  This means they need to call on our old friend, the Sin Eater, Henry Parrish (played by John Noble).

At the police station, Captain Irving is being questioned about moving his family to a safe house and it ending up with a murder to a cop and a priest.  He insists to his interrogators that it was not Morales’s doing.  They want answers about all the crazy goings ons in Sleepy Hollow, including the beheadings.  All he can respond is that it was evil.  He gets the same look from his boss that he used to give Abbie and Ichabod.

Sleepy Hollow Season Finale

Meanwhile, Andy is in the tunnels talking to a deep and dark voice that must be Moloch.  He’s asking to be made a weapon and feeling guilty for being weak and failing him.  He is told to find the map and little flying creatures come out and entwine him in a type of cocoon.

Henry meets Abbie and Ichabod at Knapp’s grave.  He apparently requested to be entombed with his prayer beads around his neck (with his head attached back to his body).  They notice that his body is well preserved, figuring it’s due to him being a warlock.  Henry holds his hand over the beads and can tell they are full of sin, but they also apparently have some type of hex on them that affect him and start to split the skin on his hand.

Sleepy Hollow Season Finale

They realize the beads are heavily guarded and tell Henry they will find another way but he convinces them it’s too important and that he is still willing to help.  He grabs the beads despite the obvious pain they present him and manages to get some visions before ending up on his back on the ground.  He sees a vision of the resurrection and a vision of Knapp on a boat.  Seeing the pain he is in, Abbie and Ichabod argue about going forward with finding the map.