WCW Championship Standings:
Heavyweight Champion: The Giant [defeated Hulk Hogan on 10-29-1995]
US Heavyweight Champion:  Sting [defeated Meng on 6-18-1995]
TV Champion: Johnny B. Badd [defeated DDP on 10-29-1995]
Tag-Team Champions:  Harlem Heat [defeated The American Males on 10-28-1995]

This is the Nitro following the Halloween Havoc PPV, featuring a monster truck fight, and someone falling off a building! If you want to read my recap, you can get it here.

Live from Dayton, Ohio. Your hosts are Steve “Mongo” McMichael, Eric Bischoff, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

WCW Monday Nitro
SGT Craig Pitman vs Eddie Guerrero

Pitman tries to keep Guerrero grounded by forcing him into traditional ground wrestling. Eddie doesn’t back down and is able to get Pitman at his own game, tossing him with some suplexes and catching him off guard with a few pins. Soon, after seemingly losing ground to Pitman, Eddie hits him with a twisting roll-up for the pin. A decent match, but Pitman is a pretty lame character who’s skill isn’t nearly up to snuff with the likes of Eddie.

Eddie gets a pin on Pitman at 5:32 | *1/2

We get a flashback of the Norton/Shark feud. Really, do you have to remind us? Who could ever forget?. Oh snaps! The super-Hogan fan is here! The guy who dressed just like Hulkster and was always front row.

WCW Monday Nitro

The Shark vs Scott Norton

Norton, an underrated favorite of mine, is all power right out the gate with clotheslines, flying shoulder-blocks, and bodyslams, all in an attempt to get Shark off his feet. They soon brawl to the outside, and eventually are counted out. Works for me.

Double count-out at 2:50 | *

WCW Monday Nitro

Tony is in the ring set to interview the 3 member 4 Horsemen. Honestly, I think Arn Anderson has said the whole “When are you gonna reunite The Horsemen? Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it” deal at least 30 times. Which is pretty much because WCW was a pathetic company that kept bringing them back, then forgetting about them in favor of whatever Hogan was doing. Of course, all three men cut a great promo and have me looking forward to the Horsemen action coming my way.

WCW Monday Nitro

Sabu vs Disco Inferno

I still stand by the fact that Sabu’s entrance theme is the absolute worst of “stock music entrance theme”. Sabu does a good amount of his traditional stuff, Disco gets his moves in, does some dancing, and Sabu pins him with a somersault over the top rope leg-drop. Pretty standard for these earlier Nitros. Afterward, Sabu of course brings a table over. These early days, the tables always looked different, instead of the traditional look. He sets Disco on top of it, and goes for a front flip. Disco moves, and Sabu crashes into it. However, the table doesn’t break, and Sabu just lays there like “that f-ing hurt”.

Sabu wins with a somersault over the top-rope leg-drop at 2:26 | *

WCW Monday Nitro
Lex Luger & Meng vs The American Males

Oh man, this is our main event? Boy, back in the day they sure made it so you had to watch the PPVs to find out what happened. Lex Luger turned heel and joined the Dungeon, yet they never make mention of it, as I’m sure some fans watching were wondering just why the hell Sexy Flexy Lexy was chilling with the Dungeon. As for the match, well it’s half decent. Meng & Luger actually help the Males look like a bit of a threat, as Scotty holds up under a pretty brutal ass kicking, and Bagwell saving the day with a pretty rough beating on the Package. They get what looks to be a winning pin, but the ref is distracted, thus Bagwell is kicked in the head by Meng, and Racked by Luger. Not nearly as boring as I thought it would be.

Luger wins it with the Rack at 6:42 | **

We get footage from the end of Halloween Havoc, which displays what is perhaps the most absurd, and laughable moment in wrestling history.

WCW Monday Nitro

Tony is in the ring with the Dungeon. They all give their speak, with Jimmy cutting a pretty good promo. Next week Jimmy says he’ll explain why he did what he did, The Giant says he’ll defend his title, and with that we’re out.

A pretty blah show, to be honest. Nothing of interest happened, there were no stand out matches or angles, save for the Horsemen, and it really felt like a bunch of filler, not must-see TV. Hopefully things’ll pick up next week. Till then, I’m Caliber Winfield *double bicep pose*