In this week’s The Walking Dead, entitled Dead Weight, viewers got to spend more time learning about what the Governor had been doing, where he had been living, and with whom he had been keeping company.

The Breakdown

This week on The Walking Dead, the Governor took the show once again. The episode picked up where last week’s episode left off – the Governor and Meghan in the walker pit. The Governor’s old friend Martinez helped them both out of the pit as his friends were standing with Lilly and Tara. Martinez offered the Governor, now going by his real name Brian Heriot, a place in his camp. Martinez made sure the Governor knew that he was the one in charge. So, the Governor, Meghan, Lilly, and Tara set up camp with many others at the invitation of Martinez.

The Governor got to know Martinez’s second and third in command – Pete and Mitch – while Tara got to know Alisha – another woman in the camp. Martinez continued to ask the Governor if he had changed, watching him closely and constantly. Everyone seemed very happy in the camp once they settled in. Even Lilly set up a nurse’s station to help the others.

Walking Dead - Dead Weight

But soon, viewers found out that the Governor was the same man. Calling himself Brian certainly did not change who he was. Within a short time it was clear that the Governor wanted to be in charge of his fate and that of his new found family – at any cost.

One day as Martinez was hitting golf balls off the roof of the trailer that the Governor and his new family were living in, the Governor took a golf club to his head. After Martinez fell from the roof, the Governor dragged him to a nearby walker pit. Martinez begged for mercy, but the Governor had none – he pushed Martinez into the pit filled with walkers. Of course, no one was around to witness this. With Martinez gone, Pete decided to take over as the group’s temporary leader.

Walking Dead - Dead Weight

After visiting a nearby camp in secret, the Governor, Pete, and Mitch discussed taking over the camp and stealing the group’s supplies. Pete appeared to be the only one of the three that did not agree, but since he was the new leader, at the least for the moment, the men said no more left the area. However, they soon returned only to find the members of that camp dead and the supplies gone.

The Governor went back to his own camp and told Lilly they needed to pack up and leave because it was no longer safe there. As the Governor, Lilly, Meghan, Tara, and Alisha snuck away from camp they soon discovered they were better off back at the camp. The road they had taken was blocked by a hoard of walkers stuck in the mud. The group returned to camp.

With Pete’s command not ideal for the Governor, he entered Pete’s trailer and killed him. He then put Pete’s body into the water and went to tell Mitch that he had killed him. The Governor was willing to let Mitch live if Mitch agreed to let the Governor be in charge. Mitch agreed.

Walking Dead - Dead Weight

As the men were making plans for running the camp, Meghan was attacked by a walker. The Governor decided they were still unsafe in their location. He talked to everyone about a better location with buildings and a fence. He was speaking of the prison where Rick and the gang had been living.

The Governor headed back to the prison for a look. He saw Rick and Carl in the yard and Hershel and Michonne in the woods nearby. As the episode ended, the Governor aimed his gun toward Hershel and Michonne.

The Analysis

Dead Weight was another Governor and only the Governor episode. I was again disappointed that we did not see any of the stories going on back at the prison or with Carol. However, we certainly got to see that the Governor has not changed a bit. He is still a controlling killer with his own agenda.

The fact that the Governor continues to eliminate anyone threatening his plans was no surprise. I am sure there are some who hoped that he was a changed man and if so, they would be very upset right now. Now that “Brian” has a new family to protect he takes it very seriously and has no plans to say good-bye. So, I believe that the fight they are about to face in order to take the prison from Rick and his group will be a good one. I cannot wait for Michonne to see the Governor and hope he does not shoot her before she does.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Did you enjoy this episode?