The Batman vs. Superman rumors are coming strong and fast, and the most recent ones include members of The Justice League appearing in the movie and a new possible casting choice for Lex Luthor.

We will start with Lex Luthor.

The original casting call rumors had Bryan Cranston as the go-to guy for Lex, but that was when Breaking Bad was nearing its conclusion and fans were very excited about the show and the lead actor. It was Latino Review who hinted that he was playing Lex, but since Breaking Bad ended there has been nothing else about that.

Now, a new name has surfaced in Terry O’Quinn, the man most TV fans know as Locke from Lost. Sure, he was bald on Lost, so why now? Honestly, thought, he could be great as Lex Luthor and I would be happy with either man.

Of course, shortly after that CBM said that rumor was untrue, but as always this is a pissing contest between sites trying to get the real scoops. CBM did go on to say that their sources say that Lex won’t be selling real estate as Gene Hackman’s version did to great enthusiasm (snark). He will instead hate Superman because he feels he is bad for earth – something very similar to the Lex Luther from All Star Superman.

Plus, just like the man who became President in the comics, people love him – specifically those in Metropolis. This ties in with my original thoughts that Lex would rebuild Metropolis after the devastation of Superman vs. Zod, and could turn the citizens against Superman, which shouldn’t be too hard looking at real world detractors of Man of Steel who hated the “senseless collateral damage” of the battle.

Finally, I will just touch on the Justice League. Everyone has heard that Wonder Woman will appear in the movie, and CBM claims that she will be Diana Prince (or whoever she is in this universe) and not in costume. Also appearing is allegedly Barry Allen, although he won’t be in costume as The Flash, as well as Dick Grayson. Hell, Arrow might even make an appearance straight from the CW TV show.

But none of them will be heroes and will probably just be Easter eggs to lead to the eventual Justice League movie.