Jacqui Holland does a little bit of everything – she models, she acts, she produces, she takes our breath away.  In this exclusive interview, the gorgeous stage of screens big and small tells us about the production company she’s putting together, the new Thor movie she’s been working on, and “getting to hang onto Chris Pine” for a couple of days.

You do it all. Would you say you’re an actress first and foremost?

Acting is my true passion, there’s nothing I like more then playing pretend. Although the whole process of film-making is a giant rush. 

Jacqui HollandWhat is it about acting that you love?

I was severely shy as a child but when I was on stage I got to be someone else and open up. When I truly decided I wanted to do this for the rest of my life was when I was taking a cinema history class. I saw Barbra Stanwyck in Baby Face and I realized I had to move to LA and make my dreams come true. 

Of all the films you’ve been in, do you have a favorite?

My favorite film I ever shot was Two Faced its in post right now. I love playing crazy people. 

Why did you decide to move into producing – was it to have more control over the projects you’re involved in?

I decided to produce because I love seeing my vision to come to life. I started with sketches and phone apps about four years ago. Two years ago I produced my first film I wrote and starred in Silent But Deadly – it was so amazing watching seasoned actors like Martin Kove, Dawn Wells, and Lee Meriwether reciting stuff I came up with. But yes producing gives you more control and who doesn’t like having a little control over their life? 

Jacqui HollandTell us what kind of films we can expect to see from your production company.

The name of my production company is MindFuc so the movies should be fitting, dark, twisted and f*ck your mind up. Right now I’m looking at scripts and working with writers but each film should have great characters, strong female leads and make you think about it after your done watching and most likely they’ll be some dark comedy undertones.

You recently worked with Joe Carnahan on Stretch. What can you tell us about that? 

I had a ton of fun working with Joe Carnahan. I shot for two days and got to hang on Chris Pine, who was incredibly nice and down to earth. Joe was such an awesome director he let us improv and have fun, it was a really great experience. 

You’re in God of Thunder, a new Thor movie.  Who plays Thor in the movie, and how did you enjoy working with him?

An up and coming actor named Max Aria plays Thor. We had a lot of fun working together. A lot of it was shot on location in the forest and in the desert so we spent a lot of time together. Since he’s a body builder fitness guy we would do squats and talk about the best protein bars. Which in my opinion are Quest Bars all the way!