Ever since Clive Barker’s Hellraiser shocked audiences with its intense scenes of sadomachochism and bondage, there have been approximately 666 sequels, only of which a few actually saw the inside of a movie theater. Heck, one of them involved a private eye and Pinhead appeared for like one percent of the film’s running time. Well, a new Hellraiser reboot is coming, and maybe it will start another series of straight to video sequels.

While the reboot of yet another horror franchise is nothing to get too excited about, the men involved make it exciting for real horror fans. Clive Barker is writing the script for the movie. How freaking cool is that? And to make it even cooler, he said he convinced the Weinstein’s to bring back Doug Bradley to play Pinhead again!

See, one of the problems with the Nightmare on Elm Street remake is that – no matter how awesome Jackie Earl Haley is – Robert Englund is the only real Freddy Krueger.  And even though he wears a mask, Kane Hodder is the best Jason. If Barker’s words remain true – the one real Pinhead will be back in his full demonic glory and we won’t see someone like Ben Foster taking his place.

Barker also said it will be darker and richer and use as many practical make-up effects as possible, while limiting the CGI. Can this get any more exciting?

Does Doug Bradley and Clive Barker make you more excited about the return of Pinhead and the Hellraiser reboot? Chime in below.

Source: Slash Film