The Breakdown

We pick up with Gene & his wife, Dixie, packing up and getting ready to leave the water park, when she notices the bruise on Gene’s face. She presses him for the story behind it, at which he does his best to lie about it, but she knows better. She also needs pads.

Back at Casa Del Powers, Kenny is trying to teach his son how to become the Alpha Male, by feeding his pet wolf raw chicken. The 4 year old disappoints Kenny a bit by being afraid of the seemingly pissed-off-around-the-clock wolf.

BitteschönOn the SportsSesh, the guys are engaging in a Double Dare type obstacle course. Jeff & Guy are neck & neck, with Jeff finally coming out victorious and grabbing the flag, which was apparently the goal of the whole ordeal. Guy seems a bit miffed about the whole ordeal. Back stage, Jeff laments to the rest of the guys about how stupid he was for beating Guy, and they all agree. Kenny wonders if Jeff is being serious, apparently Guy is a bit of a bitch when it comes to losing.

After the show, Kenny & Guy have lunch together. Guy is really pissed-off at Jeff, and talks a bevy of crap about him. Amongst all this, Kenny bestows upon him a huge honor, by saying that he’s his new best friend. With all obvious due respect to Shane-Dog. Guy then invites Kenny to his latest charity event, a Dragon Boat race, and tells him to pick a charity in time for the event.

Kenny shows up at Stevie’s house, instructing him to find him a good charity. One that’ll make him look like a balling philanthropist. Stevie is on board, but is seemingly distracted. Kenny doesn’t want to hear Stevie lament about the problems with his wiener, but does offer some advice. He says that his hangdang doesn’t have anything to get revved up for, because of how lame Stevie looks & acts. He tells him that he needs to improve his looks. Get a better haircut, dress properly. Quit wearing the color plum.

Back at the house, Kenny has hired a large group of people to dig his pool, and is documenting the whole procedure with a Kodak disposable camera. April asks him if Gene & Tell are acting weird at all, to which he says no. She says their friends have been having get-togethers without them. Kenny confesses to April that as of late, Gene has been lying about people. Outrageous fabrications. He convinces her that Dixie is just being a bitch because she was pissed off about April getting her drink on at the water park.

Gene & Tell are golfing some where when Kenny shows up to ensure that everyone keeps their mouths shut about the party. He then tries to shake them down for some change so he can get a Pink Lemonade.

Eastbound & DownStevie takes Kenny to a field where a bunch of black kids are playing sports & goofing around. Kenny wants to know why he’s been taken to the set of City of God, and Stevie tells him that this is his new charity. He’s gonna teach these kids the fine art of baseball. Kenny isn’t too happy with this news, as he wants something big-time, like AIDS. Stevie tries to convince Kenny of how well this will go over, what with white guilt and such.

Kenny & April arrive at Guy’s house for the shindig, and soon, Guy is back to trashing Jeff. His disdain for Jeff is so that it’s seemingly causing him to be delusional. As he insults Guy’s wife to Kenny, he says that she looks like a little boy due to her short hair, boy-like fingers, flat chest & ass. The thing is, none of this is true. Kenny plays along however, not wanting to sour his good standing.

The next day, Kenny is meeting with the kids who are now part of Kenny Powers’ Extra Innings After School Baseball Camp. He tells them that despite the fact he’s a honky cracker, he can teach them how to be big time.

Later that night, while Kenny cradles Yule, the dancing robot, April notices that Dixie & Gene are having another party, sans the Powers family. This pisses her off, and she demands they go over there and find out what’s going on. Reluctantly, Kenny agrees. Once there, it comes out that Kenny punched Gene, as well as what else went on that night. Kenny talks about the party, the cocaine, and how he walked in on Gene having relations with a young lady’s backside, while Tell was enjoying himself to the action. Kenny, being a man of high moral ground, punched Gene in the face for his infidelities. Dixie has no problem believing this, thus they get into a huge fight. Kenny & April decide to leave the party, now that everything has been worked out.

At the boat race, Kenny is chilling with Guy before the event when Dontell shows up. He tells them that the only reason Guy had him cast out was because he was jealous, he knew Dontell was gunning for his spot, and could have very well had it. He promises to crush Guy’s team in the race today, and tells Kenny to have a good time working for an insecure, backstabbing a-hole. As the race begins, Guy pretty much backs up what Dontell was saying when he berates Jeff for not paddling fast enough, then has Kenny push him overboard, since he feels he was dead weight and causing them to be in second. He may have been right, because with Jeff gone, Guy’s boat soars into first place for the win. Back on the beach, Jeff swims ashore, and gives Kenny a look of “See, I told you”.

The show ends on a montage, where we see Gene move out of his house with Dixie, Stevie get bright blue eye contacts, with for some reason fixed his hangdang problems, and Toby finally feeds the wolf.

The Analysis

A solid episode, but lacked the more exciting events of the previous 3 episodes. Interesting to see where they’re going to go with Guy Young, as he does seem like a very self-important d-bag, who will of course have to eventually meet the wrath of the Man With The Golden D. I’m looking forward to Kenny’s interactions with his new youth program, as well as Stevie’s reinvention of himself. Good stuff as always, only faltering a bit because of how great the previous episodes have been.