Robin Williams has certainly had an eventful week.  After his new CBS comedy The Crazy Ones got picked up for a full season, he has now started negotiations with Fox to reprise his role as the mannequin Teddy Roosevelt for Night at the Museum 3  which is set to begin production in February in time for a Christmas 2014 release.

This time around Stiller’s character (I don’t remember his name) will be working at a currently unnamed museum in London.  Personally, I have to wonder how this guy can keep getting security guard jobs when so much unexplained crap happens at the museums under his watch.  I’m also slightly puzzled as to how the Roosevelt mannequin finds a way to travel to whatever gig Stiller happens to have.

While I’ve never been a particular fan of the Night at the Museum franchise, the first two movies have grossed just shy of a billion dollars worldwide, so I’m not going to question Williams decision to come back for another entry.  He has been on a bit of a comeback over the last few months with a successful new TV show, a supporting role in the awards contender The Butler, and a couple of additional films in currently post-production.  I hope he keeps it up, because it was getting increasingly sad to watch such a funny actor do one horrible movie after another the last few years.

Do you want to see Night at the Museum 3?  Are you excited for the new life Robin William’s career?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Cinema Blend