It was starting to look like DC Comics was going to conquer television like Marvel did the movies. That would be cool, giving Marvel the big theatrical platform and DC to serialized TV platform that worked so well for Smallville. It looks like Marvel is not interested in giving up anything as they plan to add four new Marvel TV shows and a miniseries to their already fun Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

While a lot of people have complained about the first episodes of SHIELD, and laughed when the ratings dropped, no one seemed to mention that the second episode aired opposite the returning NCIS, the biggest ratings juggernaut on television. OF COURSE RATINGS WERE GOING TO DROP. Plus, things really started to find their groove on the fourth episode, and Joss Whedon’s TV shows always take a bit to find their footing.

I had no worries.

Now, with DC Comics already airing the successful Arrow, planning a spin-off about The Flash, and setting up both Constantine and a Gotham City based TV show, the announcement came that new Marvel TV shows are in the works as well.

It seems like SHIELD was a testing ground and things are now moving forward as planned. There will be people who cry that there is no need to more comic book movies or TV shows, but you know, screw those people. Hollywood isn’t just going to make the movies those people want to see. The rest of us want things too, and I am very happy with more superhero shows and movies. I don’t care what those people want.

The first new Marvel TV show looks like it may be another spy show, this one in World War II following Captain America’s old partner Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell).

There are also other unknown shows for various cable networks and a miniseries as well. These Marvel TV shows have been pitched to WGN America, Amazon On Demand, Netflix and cable TV networks. Could Punisher, Daredevil or Blade be coming to TV? If it is on Netflix, that could be the perfect home for The Punisher.

What are your thoughts? What Marvel TV shows would you like to see? Chime in below.

Source: Deadline