The Breakdown

As Ellen and Brian talk about escaping we go to a flashback 4 years ago where the Sanders are looking to buy the house they presently live in. While baking muffins Ellen burns herself. Duncan has Kramer bring out a medical kit to get a bandage for her wound. When Duncans back is turned Ellen steals a knife. Brian is trying to talk to Jake about his fight and Jake is blowing his father off. Ellen drops Morgan and Jake off at school. She tells them that they are escaping. They plan to take the 2:00 pm bus to Canada. Jake is worried that they will be found because of the GPS chip implanted in them, Ellen pulls out the knife and instructs them to cut them out.

HostagesAs Ellen enters the hospital she sees a vigil for Angela. Ellen remembers 6 months earlier when her and Angela were talking about being assigned to the surgery of the president. Morgan and Jake discuss the escape plan and getting the GPS tracker out of their body. Morgan goes to the school nurse to steal bandages and iodine. Brian goes to the bank to get the families passports and to withdraw 9,000 out of the bank, he finds out that their bank accounts are frozen. Duncan goes to see his wife, Nina in the hospital and we find out the she has leukemia and is going to stop taking chemo. Brian takes money from the petty cash at his job and Ellen sells her wedding ring so that family will have money in order to flee the country.

HostagesIn another flashback 5 months before, we see Brian and Ellen talking about her getting appointed to the president’s surgery. Brian doesn’t wants Ellen to take it because the secret service will be going through their personal life and emails.¬†Morgan is at the shed waiting for Jake and he is no where to be found. She rushes back into the school to find him outside getting high. Brian gets his lover Samantha to get the passports and money to another office of his where Ellen will pick them up. Duncan is called onto another investigation, the investigation is of Angela the nurse that is missing. He is told that someone in the White house recommended him. Morgan and Jake finally get the GPS chips out of them. While trying to flee Ellen is stopped by Archer. He wants her to check in every 15 minutes getting suspicious that her surgery was cancelled and her wedding ring is missing. Ellen calls Brian to tell her that the plan is off because she is compromised.

HostagesAt the school Jake has one of his friend call in a bomb threat and he admits to Morgan that he isn’t smoking weed he is selling it. Duncan is at the hospital with Nina as she prepares to leave and he bring up a new way for her to get treated. At the house Brian is asking Kramer what his name is so that he has something to call him. While Kramers’ back is turned Brain attacks him with a lacrosse stick. Morgan and Jake are at the bus station waiting for Ellen and she is no where to be found. At the hospital Ellen’s car speeds out of the parking lot and Archer calls Duncan to tell him about Ellen attempting to flee.

HostagesArcher and Duncan chase Ellen’s car and Duncan calls Maria to get a visual on Morgan and Jake. Shes goes through the crowd of kids and does not find them. Following the GPS chips leads her to two kids crossing the field. She approaches them and sees it’s not them but the GPS chips are in the kids backpack. Archer catches up to Ellens car and finds Brian driving it. Ellen goes to the office where Brian said the money and passport would be, they are not there. Samantha walks in to bring in the passports. Samantha asks why is Ellen and Brian going to Montreal and Ellen tells her it’s none of her business and that she knows about the affair. Now at the train station Ellen sees her kids and calls Brian but gets his voice mail. She makes a celebratory phone call to tell him everyone is where they are supposed to be. As she hangs up she gets a video call from Brian’s phone. It’s Duncan, Brian screams out to Ellen to keep going they don’t know where she is. Duncan shoots Brian and tells her how long Brian lives is up to her.

The Analysis

First never make a phone call saying. The plan has worked everything is fine, when you’re 30 feet away from your kids. You just know something is going to go wrong. This show is starting to pick up but is still moving entirely too slow, it’s said that Dylan Mcdermott can’t save this show. It was obvious that Brian was going to be in trouble for the ruse but it would have been nice to at least see Ellen actually with the kids and possibly on the bus before she called for a victory celebration.