The Breakdown

Revolution gets underway with Titus wiring Miles up on a table to have his blood transferred to his dying wife, Jessica. Rachel shows up to save Miles just in time. He has the rescue team take Jessica with them as they escape. They come across resistance on their way out, but they do succeed in getting back to Willoughby.

Love StoryNeville brings Jason patches showing that they got into the Patriots. Tom tells his son that they have to earn their way up the ladder. However, the Neville men are attacked as they enter a tent in the camp.

Aaron explains to Cynthia how the nanotechnology in the air healed him. He explains that although she thinks God chose him, that type of thing doesn’t happen to him. Just then, Rachel and her rescue team arrive back in town with Andover and his people in tow. Andover demands to see his wife if there are to be any negotiations. He warns Miles against letting Jessica die. A Patriots representative pulls Titus aside and warns him. They are supposed to scare the people of Willoughby, not kill them. Titus tells him that he doesn’t care about the Patriots; all he wants is his wife or else he’ll kill the whole town.

Adam tells Charlie that the Patriots have his father. He plans on offering Monroe to them in exchange for this father’s life.

Love StoryRachel tells Jessica that it will all be over soon, but Mrs. Andover doesn’t want to go back to her husband. He won’t let her go, even though she wants to die. Miles notes that he can’t protect Rachel with his hand like it is. He shows Rachel to Titus, and then the two men talk.

Neville and Jason are taken before the commanding officer of the unit. They claim to be Edgar Crane and his son. The CO replies that he happens to know that they are Major Tom Neville and his son, Jason.

Miles offers himself and Jessica back to Titus in exchange for the lives of the townspeople. However, Rachel finds Jessica with his wrists slit in her room. The woman dies.

Monroe attacks Charlie and Adam at gunpoint. He knocks out Adam and shows Charlie some wanted posters showing the U.S. Government’s bounty on Rachel.

Love StoryRachel informs Miles that Jessica killed herself. Miles tells Rachel to act normal and get as people out as possible before Titus finds out his wife died.

The CO prepares to execute Neville and his son. Neville argues that he’s there because he knows that Sebastian Monroe dropped the bombs onto Atlanta and Philadelphia. He wants revenge against Monroe. The CO prepares to kill him anyways, but he’s stopped by Justine Allenford, who gives him a chance to prove his worth.

A spy from Titus’s group infiltrates the town and finds Jessica dead.

Charlie and Monroe confront Adam, who confirms that his story was bogus. Monroe states that Randall had a ring with a similar symbol to what the Patriots have. He believes that if they are half as bad as Randall, then they are all in trouble. He wants to go with Charlie to find her family because they are going to need help against this new threat. Charlie says no and walks away.

Love StoryRachel refuses to leave Miles’s side as the last wagon leaves town, but that doesn’t matter. Titus and his people attack Willoughby. Titus finds his wife and grieves over her dead body, but he’s killed by the Patriots’ representative.

Meanwhile, Rachel takes an arrow to her left shoulder.  Miles fights off as many people as he can before being overtaken by Titus’s men. He’s about to be killed when machine gun fire cuts down the men. A soldier claiming to be a representative of the U.S. Government administers first aid to Rachel as troops enter the city to secure it.


Revolution has come a long way since premiering just over a year ago. The characters are more complex, and the storytelling is more refined. We’re getting to know these characters and their motives at a much deeper level, and it’s making the show much more fun to watch. Tom Neville is one example of this. We already knew how important his wife was to him last season, but now we understand how much he’s driven to revenge and who he blames. There is a depth to him that we didn’t see in the show’s characters last season.

The pace of the show is also considerably better. The story moves along at a swift pace that balances action with dialogue while making each scene count towards something. That’s a welcome change from last season when there were plenty of forgettable scene and worthless characters. Overall, “Love Story” was another excellent episode of Revolution. It gave viewers a little bit of everything while moving the story along just enough to keep it interesting.