I owe you a debt!

When we started the site, I made a promise to our social media fans. Deliver us 50 new fans and I would review the entire series of Twilight. Once Twilight mania began, the fans came pouring in and you crazy people delivered. I never thought I’d see so many people want to see me suffer through sparkly vampires and bad acting in all my life. It shows how much you people truly care for my soul.

That said, when the site kicked off, I was way busier than I expected. Trying to push news, movie reviews, columns. In other words, generating content for a website is a bigger task than I expected.

Team Jacob be damned though, I will deliver on my promise! You will get my commentary on this absurd franchise whether I like it or not! I’ve taken off next week, so I can deliver the reviews you people truly deserve. I have the entire franchise bought on Itunes and ready to go!  That’s right! I bought the whole damn series of movies because I love you good people.

You renegades want to know whether I’m Team Jacob, Team Edward, or just Team Bella, I will ride this wave for you. Follow me into the mist of Avalon, and we will finally defeat this magnificent sparkly beast! As my good friend Walter would say… You have my axe!

First review is coming! The Twilight Saga begins!