When you think of classic filmmaker-composer combos you think of Spielberg and Williams, or Nolan and Zimmer, maybe if you’re really cool you think of Leone and Morricone. One pairing that sits under the radar, undeservingly is the tandem excellence of Brad Bird and Michael Giacchino. The two will be reuniting in Brad Bird’s new, Disney, project Tomorrowland. This comes following successful collaborations in Ratatouille, The Incredibles, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. All of these movies have been at least very good (I will defend Ghost Protocol until I die), and some of that quality is due to Giacchino’s scores.

Giacchino is incredible at making music that really fits into the environments of the films they accompany. His work is emotionally evocative and compelling but fully capable of displaying impressive restraint. Tomorrowland promises to be interesting, even if all that means is we have fun trying to pick through Damon Lindelof’s script. With the addition of Giacchino, it also promises to be a pleasurable audio experience. Jokes aside, it’s exciting to see Lindelof’s work in the hands of such a capable team, and with George Clooney and Hugh Laurie already signed on I can’t help but have high expectations for this film.

Are you as pumped as I am? Will Damon Lindelof be able to make a SINGLE THING THAT MAKES SENSE? Do you like Giacchino’s music? Wanna fight about Ghost Protocol? In the words of DMX “meet me outside. Meet me outside.”

Source: Slash Film