The Breakdown

We start off with Walt breaking into a car and trying to fire it up. A cop strolls by, but due to all the snow on the windows, he doesn’t see him inside. He finds the keys in the visor, and is off.

FelinaHe stops at a gas station, and calls a person named Susan. He says he’s with the New York times and he’s looking to get a photo of the Schwartz to go along with his article. He finds out when they’ll be home. Walt shows up at the house of his former colleagues in Grey Matter. He tells them that he has something for them, it’s in his car. It’s all of his money. He has them stack it on their table, and tells them that they’re going to give this money to his son on his 18th birthday under the guise of a trust fund. They agree, and shake on it. Walt is about to leave, when two bright red dots appear on each of their chests. Walt says he spent $200,000 on hiring the best hit-men west of the Mississippi, and if things don’t go as planned, boom. Very bad-assed. Of course there are no hitmen, as Walt had Badger & Skinny Pete out there with laser pointers. Walt asks them who’s still cooking the blue meth, and they all surmise that it’s Jesse.

FelinaWe then see Jesse, working on the box that he ended up trading for some weed. He suddenly snaps back into reality, in the meth kitchen, on the runner.

We then go through the clips we’ve seen with Walt getting the .50 cal, and the Ricin.

Todd and Lidia are hanging out at the cafe as per usual, when Walt shows up. He says to them he has a new way to cook, that requires no Methylamine. A way he can teach to Todd. Walt leaves, as Todd & Lidia discuss the fact that the only business they’re going to do with Walt is a bullet to the head. Lidia puts sugar into her tea, but we know it to be Ricin.

FelinaAt Skylar’s place, she receives a phone call from Marie. She has news that Walt is in town. She warns Skylar, however Skylar doesn’t seem too concerned. After she hangs up, it’s revealed that Walt is in the kitchen. He says he wants a proper goodbye. He then gives her the lotto ticket, and tells her it’s the location of Hank & Gomez’s bodies. He says to use the location as a bargaining chip in order to cop a plea deal. He also admits that he did all of this because he liked it. Because he was good at it. Later, he watches Flynn get off the school bus and walk inside the house.

FelinaWalt shows up at the Nazi compound. He’s lead into the building where Jack is at, and told that they aren’t really looking to do business at the moment. They’re about to take him outside to kill him, but Walt buys time by accusing them of being partners with Pinkman. They bring Jesse in, to show he’s more a slave than a partner. As he gets face to face with Walt, Walt tackles him and presses the alarm key, which brings the .50 cal out of the trunk and lays to waste everything. It’s awesome. Todd is left alive, and as he surveys the shock of it all, Jesse leaps on him and breaks his neck. Jack is barely alive, and tells Walt if he wants to know where his money is, he’ll never know if he pulls that –BANG. Walt then slides the gun over to Jesse, who opts not to kill him. As he leaves, Walt hears a phone ringing from Todd’s pocket. It’s Lidia. She’s calling to see if it’s been done, Walt confirms it has, and lets her know she’s been poisoned. Jesse then gets in a car and takes off. Walt takes a tour of their meth kitchen, surveying it fondly, before finally dying as the police arrive.

The Analysis

Now that’s an f’ning finale.