It was smart to think that the Batman vs Superman movie was still in early script phases, since it was just announced two months ago. It was also wrong. A casting call has gone out and there is a scene from Batman vs. Superman that will be show in France – in three weeks.

Yeah, the Batman vs Superman 2014 shoot date looks like it may be for principal photography, but there is something big being shot on October 18 in France for the film which may mean the script is pretty much either done – or the ideas are already set for what we can expect.

This makes sense if you listened to David S. Goyer in a recent interview:

One of the things that has been fun for us, is we’re a bit a further a long than what I think people realize.

Honestly, this is probably just a pick-up shot that Zack Snyder knows he will need in the film, and he is just saving some time by shooting it before he gets overwhelmed with actual character scenes.

But, this does mean they know something big that will happen in Batman vs Superman. Speaking of story, Goyer also talked about writing Batman vs. Superman and how he can’t worry about what the comic book fans demand from the movie, because that kills creativity.

He is right.

If Christopher Nolan had worried about what fans wanted, there is no way that The Dark Knight would have been as great as it was. People who claim that movie was exactly what they wanted are lying. Yes, they wanted it to be great, but what Nolan gave us as great was nothing like we thought it would be ahead of time.

No, I don’t think Batman vs Superman will be Dark Knight levels of great, but I do think Goyer is right about just making the best story he can and hoping the fans buy into it.

Source: Comic Book Therapy