The first episode of Marvels Agents of SHIELD was exactly what I wanted it to be – a very fun and entertaining ensemble show from the mind of Joss Whedon. It had his trademark humor, his likable, yet different, characters thrown into a mix where they have to learn to get along. Plus, we had a real superhero in the first episode – and bonus points – it was Gunn from Angel!

Well, here is a new Marvels Agents of SHIELD Clip from the second episode, which airs on Oct. 1. In the clip we see Grant arguing with Agent Coulson about him adding a hacker named Skye to the team and making a good point that, out of the new five-person team (not including Coulson), there are only two people able to actually fight.

I know some people want more “comic book” stuff in it, but I just want Joss Whedon to bring us what he brings us most – characters that we care about getting into all kinds of supernatural trouble.

Check out the Marvels Agents of SHIELD Clip above and let us know what you thought of the premiere (check out our SHIELD recap here). Plus, be back with us on Tuesday night with our recap of the second episode.