Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides made over one billion dollars at the box office, and if you just look at how good the movie was, it didn’t deserve it. That won’t stop Disney from milking Capt. Jack Sparrow for everything they can get from him, and new Pirates of the Caribbean 5 plot details have leaked.

Of course, we reported yesterday the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 release date has been moved to 2016 so it won’t be raped and plundered by superheroes, aliens and Terminators in the Summer of 2015. The reason given was to work harder on the story, something Disney didn’t seem to care about with the last movie.

The movie will be called Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, an unnecessarily long and complicated title for what might be another long, and unnecessary sequel.

Anyway, here are some of the plot details from a leaked script that Bleeding Cool got their hands on.

Capt. Jack gets a new female foil and this time she is a scientist who some believe is a witch. As a matter of fact, witches are this movies mermaids. There is also a ghost who works with Barbossa on a revenge mission.

Finally, there are two new young romantic leads, as the franchise tries to revive the magic that the fourth movie lost without Will and Elizabeth to anchor it. However, Bleeding Cool says the young couple have nothing to do with the plot, so it looks like Capt. Jack is the lead character again – one of the big problems with the last movie.

All of these Pirates of the Caribbean 5 plot details could be misinformation, as there is no telling if this version of the script is even being used. But, it is always fun to guess and if the movie has witches and ghosts, it might end up more interesting than the last anyway.

Source: Bleeding Cool