The final episode of The Walking Dead, Season 3 was pretty disturbing. Andrea finally died and the Governor massacred his own people. Believe it or not, it was supposed to be much, much worse. As a matter of fact, in these behind the scenes Walking Dead spoilers, Andrea was supposed to get much worse than what she did at the end.

Walking Dead spoilersThe first bit of evidence comes from Dallas Roberts, who played Milton on The Walking Dead. He said that, in the original ending of the season, The Governor shot him in the stomach and then locked him in the room with a chained Andrea. This means, for the entire episode, the audience would watch Milton dying, knowing that he would return as a zombie and eat Andrea.

Even at that, it was supposed to get even darker as Milton would try to kill Andrea before he died so she wouldn’t have to face zombie Milton, and he died while trying to kill her, meaning that – even when she agreed to die to protect herself, she couldn’t do it. Then Milton changed and started eating Andrea.

This led to the next batch of the original Walking Dead spoilers.

It was not her former friends and survivors that she was able to die around, but according to Sonequa Martin-Green, it was her character of Sasha and Tyreese that found Andrea, partially eaten and dying. In the original script, she begged them for a gun and finally took her own life. Not only did Andrea go out worse than ever expected, but she had to die around complete strangers, giving her relationship with the survivors no closure.

Wow. That was very dark indeed. It makes sense why Glen Mazarra changed it, but imagine how bleak that would have made the world of The Walking Dead if he had ended the season that way.

Source: Entertainment Weekly