The Breakdown

Norrie wakes up Joe in his bed and drafts him for her quest to communicate with the dome. The young couple makes their way to the dome and try to speak with it, but nothing happens. Joe thinks that maybe they will be able to communicate with it if they find the center. The two hold hands as they embark on their search.

Meanwhile, the show moves to Julia’s bedroom where we find that she and Barbie spent the night together. They’re interrupted by Julia’s pregnant neighbor, Harriet, who is looking for yogurt to fix a craving. Harriet touches the dome after she sees her husband waiting for her, which causes her water to break. She goes into labor. Julia tries to drive her to the local clinic, but the Dundee brothers stop them and steal their fuel.

Big Jim promises to look after Angie and even offers her financial help. He admits that his son isn’t right in the head, and he wants to make it up to her. Angie replies that Big Jim is just doing that to cover for himself. He’s about to respond when Junior interrupts them. Big Jim throws his son out of the house and warns him never to come back. He also tells Junior to stay away from Angie. Afterwards, Big Jim tells Angie that Rose’s body is still being kept at the diner. He gives her the key, and she goes to the diner to pay her respects.

Olly and Big Jim’s arrangement (propane for water) falls apart. Rennie discovers that Olly has stolen the propane after he visits his storage unit and finds it guarded. Olly brags that the roles are now switched, and he has the power now. Jim turns to alcohol in his distress.

Linda puts Barbie on patrol while she and Junior search for the Dundee brothers. Barbie comes across Julia and Harriet; they need a doctor, so he takes them to Alice. They interrupt Carolyn and Alice’s special moment when they arrive with Harriet.

Joe and Norrie find the center point of the dome and discover an even smaller dome on the ground. When they touch it, a visual of Alice appears. A disturbed Norrie runs home looking for her mother.

Junior and Linda find the Dundee brothers. The younger Rennie is upset by the news that the brothers wanted to rape Angie, and he’s not receptive to bringing them in to face justice. A struggle ensues and Linda is forced to shoot one of them. The other brother surrenders to Junior, who shoots him dead.

Alice successfully helps Barbie deliver the baby, including how to cut the cord that was wrapped around the child’s neck. A grateful Harriet names her daughter Alice. However, it’s not long before the older Alice suffers a heart attack. Norrie arrives in time to say goodbye, but her mother dies. The grieving teenager then runs to the dome and asks it to bring her mom back. Meanwhile, the metallic egg at the center of the smaller dome begins to glow with pink/purple streaks.

Junior visits Angie and tells her that he’s sorry for what he’s done. He also tells her that the Dundee brothers will never bother her again. Angie and Joe finally meet up.

Big Jim shoots up Olly’s propane truck, which causes a large explosion and kills the guard.


Under the Dome has really taken a turn for the positive over the past three episodes. The last two, in particular, have had a great balance of action and storytelling. The show still has some issues with pacing, but character development has never been better. This is what Under the Dome should have been doing from the beginning.

If I have anything to pick apart from this episode, it’s the continued distance between Angie and Joe. Think about it. Neither character has really shown much concern over the well-being of the other. It’s a little more understandable for Angie, but how on earth can Joe feel comfortable forming a romantic relationship while his sister has been missing for days? It’s little strange.

Other than that, it’s clear that Under the Dome has turned a corner. The plot has come together enough for me to even wonder about how Season 1 is leading into Season 2. That’s no small feat for someone who originally wanted no part of a second season.