Universal Studios has been planning a remake of the vastly over-rated lump of crap known as Scarface for quite sometime now. They’ve been courting David Yates to be the man that brings Tony Montana to the 21st century, who’s best known for directing the last 4 Harry Potter films. David Ayer wrote the screenplay, and recently Paul Attanasio did some rewrites for the Scarface remake.

I’ve never understood the love for Scarface. It’s a terrible film. All of the characters are unlikeable, the story is muddled & boring and backed by perhaps the worst score in history. I mean, the guy who recorded the score was probably so excited when he came up with it, and told everyone “Yeah, it’s great! See, I just hit a random note on my synth, and just let it play for 10 minutes straight while turning the volume up REAL loud! Brilliant!”. I hope with the remake they complete readjust the character of Elvira. Who on Earth was suppose to fall in love with her? She NEVER smiled, she was a complete bitch, she was rail thin, and did nothing but coke & booze. Ugh. What a terrible film.

Well, here’s to hoping the Scarface remakeĀ shapes up and delivers an infinitely superior product, which wouldn’t be hard.

SOURCE: Slashfilm