Once you think Chris Nolan has run out of big names to cast in his space movie, he adds two more.

Interstellar Cast UpdateThe Wrap reports that John Lithgow and Ellen Burstyn have joined Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi project Interstellar. Nothing is yet known about their roles, or who they are playing. However, this continues the new trend of Nolan stretching his reach with new performers.

This makes the cast of Interstellar damn near have no unrecognizable faces in its arsenal.  What does this mean? Well, three things actually. 1) Every actor in the business is begging to work with Christopher Nolan 2) Interstellar is a fantastically written film. 3) An insane combo of the first two.

Lithgow is an incredible actor when given the right opportunity. I absolutely loved his run on Dexter and download (2)thought his performance was chilling. Burstyn doesn’t get enough roles in Hollywood, so this announcement makes me happy. She gave a magnetically powerful performance in Requiem for a Dream. It’ll be interesting to see how Nolan utilizes both actors.

Interstellar Cast UpdateOn a final note, it’s also worth noting that the actress who played Edward and Bella’s baby from Twilight has joined the movie as well. That’s right Renegades! Mackenzie Foy has entered the Nolanverse. There is Twilight alumni in this film. How about them apples?

Interstellar hits theaters everywhere November 7th, 2014!

Source: The Wrap, The Wrap(Burstyn)