F The Pain AwayWe pick up in the middle of Warlow & Sookie going at it, when she totally c-blocks Warlow with a giant Fairy ball of death. He explains that he loves her, and always has. She wants to know why if he loves her, he killed her parents. He wastes no time in telling the truth; her parents were going to kill her that night. Sookie is a bit upset at this news and gives Warlow a flesh wound with the ball, and this suddenly peaks the interest of one Mr. Bill Compton. At the moment, he’s in the middle of dealing with Jessica, who just killed all 4 of Sheriff Andy’s daughters. She’s wacked out of her mind of Fae blood, and Bill as basically told her to go sleep it off. It’s at this moment he gets a flash, and rushes over to Sookie’s place where he promptly tells Warlow that, as your maker, I command you come with me.

Andy arrives at Bill’s house, shotgun drawn, and discovers what’s happened to his daughters. He believes all is lost when one of them suddenly shows a bit of life. He grabs her with the quickness and off they go.

Meanwhile, down in the sewer, Tara & Eric decide to go find Pam, which means heading to the Vamp Camp, where all the research is being done.

Back at Bill’s house, he explains to Warlow that he is in fact now part Lillith. At this point we see what happened to Warlow, back in 3500 BC. He was part of a Fairy tribe, and one night while getting water he was approached by Lillith. She told him he’d save vampire-kind, and promptly turned him.

While Lillith & Warlow catch up, Andy arrives at the police station with his daughter. He gets into the evidence locker and breaks out some V, which he gives to his daughter in hopes it’ll help with her recovery, which it does.

At the Governor’s house, Sarah Newlin is doing her best to convince the Governor to just forget his daughter and make a new one with her. He isn’t having that, despite her attempts at being sexy. Not that jazzed about being turned down, she heads over to Jason’s house to catch-up. They quickly do, as he has no freshly turned vampire daughter to tend to.

Speaking of daughters, we cut to a bar some where that has Alcide asking hookers if they may have seen Sam & the gang. No luck thus far. His dad, superbadassed Robert Patrick asks Alcide if he’s doing this because he thinks he’s right, or because he’s trying to impress a new piece of ass that’s taken over his life. Alcide doesn’t not appreciate such inquasitions, and promptly tells his dad to tell his story walkin’.

Back at Jason’s pad, Jessica shows up, still very high, and wants to know if Jason loved her, and if so, why. He says it was because she had a big heart. Well, Sarah Newlin comes tromping in, and seems rather upset that Jason would be associaiting with a vampire. Or, as Sarah put it, a demon whore. The two women have words, but the Vamp Police show up & arrest Jessica on the spot. Apparently Sarah called them before hand.

At the Vamp Camp, Eric is put into a room with 3 other vampires, and they’re given tests to see who’s the better of them. Those that lose out, get shot. Eric is never shot.

Elsewhere in the camp, Pam is being put through therapy. She isn’t into it whatsoever, however, she is promised real food if she provides truthful answers. She complies with the Dr’s questions about her feelings towards humans, and other vampire activities in order to keep sucking off a young Asian woman.

Over at Merlott’s, Sookie asks Lafayette if he’ll help her contact her parents. He’s down to help as always. Meanwhile, in the same restaurant, Terry is meeting with an old army buddy and hires the guy to kill him. The guilt over Iraq and what he did to Patrick is too much. He tried to kill himself but just couldn’t do it, so he needs this guy. His only ask is that he gets a few days to put his affairs in order, and that he doesn’t want to know when it’s coming. The guy seems cool with it. And this is why you have friends. Going through craigslist is a bit tougher. Plus, you always end up going through the Casual Encounters part of it to read all the creepy things people are begging for. Anyway…

Back at the their hotel, Sam & Nicole have a discussion, as she realizes that life as a supernatural isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. She eventually goes to make a phone call at a pay phone, but is quickly stopped by Sam. They’re too busy arguing to notice that Alcide’s dad has spotted them as he was heading back into his room with a bucket full of ice and a waiting hooker.

In the therapy portion of Vamp Camp, Pam is asked about her maker. She says that it hurt when Eric released her, but that she’s over it, and couldn’t care less about him. Over in the female gen-pop, Tara & Jessica discover one another and get to talking. Eventually they’re given blood, but Jessica doesn’t want hers. Tara takes it, but not before a few others express their interest in it. At this point, one of the female vampires let’s it be known that they need to chill out, and they do so. She lets Jessica & Tara know that they owe her.

At Sookie’s place, Lafayette attempts to contact Sookie’s parents, but as always, things backfire. We find out that indeed, the parents were trying to kill Sookie. Warlow came to them and said that he’s a prince, and could take Sookie and make her a princess. That she’d be imortal, and never have to fear death. Sookie’s father tells him to get out, and quickly decides he’d rather Sookie be dead than a vampire. They failed in their mission but now her father has a second chance. He inhabits Lafayette’s body and makes off with Sookie in the trunk of his car.

Meanwhile, Bill & Warlow continue their discussion while Warlow has the Asian DR in a sleeper hold, threatening to kill him. We flash back to when Warlow went back to his village after 4 years, but ended up killing them. All except one child. After this, he goes to where Lilith is sleeping, and busts open a huge hole in the cave with his Fae light, bringing sun down upon her and bursting her into flames.

Over at the Vamp Camp, the Governor is told he has a surprise. He’s lead to a viewing room where he sees they have Eric. They have a quick chat, and Eric is quite surprised to find the Governor treated his daughter so coldly. It’s at this point Eric is given a stake, and he lets it be known he has no qualms with killing whomever. A door opens, and it’s Pam, stake in hand. They both stare at one another, until Sarah Newlin barks at them to fight like in the movie Gladiator.

We catch up with Sookie & her father as he drives to a lake, opens the trunk, and drags her down there. He explains how sorry he is, and that parents do things that children just don’t understand. It’s at this point he begins to drown her, and with that, we’re out…

Final Words: I’m beginning to feel like I could just copy & paste every round up I do, because I always feel the same way. The series is moving along at a fantastic pace, with stories & character arcs that are just as great as they’ve ever been. True Blood is one of the greatest, and by far most underrated dramas on TV today. Blowing things like The Walking Dead & CSI completely out of the water.
The character of Warlow is great, and one of the best additions they’ve had to the series in a while. I’m also beginning to wonder if they’re ever going to address who the unshaven vampire chap is that showed up a few episodes ago. It’s been at least 3 episodes, and they haven’t said a thing. But then again, sometimes that’s their way. A shame we’re only getting 10 episodes this season…