The new red band Oldboy trailer is here and – well, check it out below and then come back for more thoughts on it.

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Wow, it is not what I expected. I mean, for the story it is exactly what I expected but for the Spike Lee remake, not so much. Look, it is clear what Will Smith didn’t want to be involved in this after he helped get it rolling – and that is the best thing that could have happened with this property.

I mean, could you imagine Big Willie doing what Josh Brolin did in this trailer? This is some heavy, disturbing stuff – and anyone who saw the first movie that adapted this comic book, you know it was tons worse the first time around. I have no doubt that the Spike Lee version will not be as graphically horrifying as that first movie, but this new Oldboy trailer gives me hope that he at least tried.

I’m sure a lot of people will still whine and complain about this “unnecessary remake,” but I’m not “a lot of people.” I want to see a good movie, I don’t care what came before or what the source material is. This movie looks pretty good from the first trailer.

And, if you missed it, here is the poster:

Oldboy trailer