In this week’s Falling Skies episode Be Silent and Come Out, the evil Hal story line came to a head.

The Breakdown

Be Silent and Come Out focused mostly around the evil Hal story.  After knocking down Vice President Peralta, Hal took Tom hostage.  They held up in a room a few stories up in a building.  Weaver, Maggie, Ben and Matt, along with the rest of the team, were outside down below deciding the best plan.  Maggie told the gang about how Hal thought Karen planted a worm in him and that he was the mole they had been searching for all along.  With this news Pope wanted to take Hal out immediately, of course.  Weaver dismissed Pope and the Berserkers so the others could focus on next steps.

Peralta lined up a sniper who could take a shot at Hal.  She told Weaver that if it came down to it she would overrule him and the sniper would take the shot.

Hal tried to get information out of Tom about the Volm device and promised to bring Anne and the baby back, but Tom did not fall for it.

Weaver set down his weapon and tried to reason with Hal.  Evil Hal struggled with good Hal, but the evil one won out by firing down at Weaver and the group. 

Maggie, Ben and Matt decided to find a back way into the building and up to the room.  Once there, they surrounded Hal.  As Hal struggled more with himself he put the gun to his head.  A fight for control ensued with the group and the gun went off, grazing Hal in the head.

Meanwhile back at the bar, Pope and his friends were gambling on who, if anyone, would come out of that room alive.  Weaver walked in and Pope was instantly quiet. 

Hal was taken to the hospital where Lourdes told the group that Hal would be fine from his wound.  In order to remove the worm, they needed help from the Skitters.  They found out that the worm could only be removed by the one who implanted it; however, it could possibly be done with the alien device.  The outcome would be that the worm is removed, if there is one, but if there is not then Hal would die.  Feeling he had no other option, Tom agreed to use the device. 

After the procedure and some gooey liquid coming out of Hal, his heart stopped.  Lourdes quickly injected a needle into his heart and Hal was saved.  After waking up in the hospital, Hal had no memory of events since the worm was implanted.

Tom found out from the Skitters where Anne and the baby were being held by Karen, but in order to go after them he had to resign his presidency – which he did, to Peralta.  Tom and his boys set out to rescue Anne and the baby.

The Analysis

I really felt that this episode of Falling Skies was just “okay”.  The struggle between evil and good Hal seemed to drag on a little too long for me.  I also felt the episode was pretty predictable.  I never once thought that Hal would not live through it, that he would hurt Tom, or that anyone else would be shot.

The best part of Be Silent and Come Out was actually Pope and his little game in the bar!  Even though it was morally wrong to bet on who would live or die, it was the most entertaining part of the show this week.

I am actually looking forward to next week’s episode where the guys ride in on horses to rescue Anne and the baby.