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Spider-Man Animated Film Coming From Lego Movie Directors

In what comes as news for me, a Spider-Man animated film is coming from Sony. This movie is said to co-exist in the world of the new Marvel-Sony Spider-Man movies but will be independent of the Spider-Man story told in the new Marvel movies.

That sounds a little confusing, but it actually means that this will be the same Spider-Man seen in the new Marvel-Sony partnership, but what happens here will have no effect on the character in those movies. Avi Arad will produce the Spider-Man animated movie while Kevin Feige will oversee the live-action movie.

Anyway, Exhibitor Relations went to Twitter to announce that the movie has been moved from its original release date of July 20, 2018 to the holiday season.

This actually isn’t a bad move and could actually be seen as a positive. With the new release, it sounds like Sony feels this could be a nice family movie for Christmas, and if fellow Marvel animated movie Big Hero 6 is any indication, it might do well during the holidays.

Big Hero 6 was released before Thanksgiving in 2014 and ended up making $222.5 million. The Spider-Man animated movie will also come out a year and a half after Marvel introduces Spider-Man’s first movie under their umbrella on July 28, 2017.

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