constantine casting

Matt Ryan Announced as New ‘Constantine’ Star

constantine casting

Hallelujah! A British man has been cast to play the British character! Matt Ryan has been cast to play John Constantine in NBC’s Constantine series, based on the long running Hellblazer comic book. Best known for his work on Criminal Minds and The Tudors, Ryan has also worked in several movies and was the voice of Edward Kenway in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The Actor definitely has the look of the character, sans the blonde hair which is easily remedied.

constantine casting

Charles Halford

The Constantine casting for the 2005 movie has long been a point of contention among fans of the comic, with Keanu Reeves not looking the part nor being British, along with several major plot changes in the film’s script. It looks like the creators of the television show might have taken the grumblings in account, fingers crossed, though it’s difficult to tell based on the other actors cast for the show so far. In the part of ‘Chas’ (Constantine’s Cabbie sidekick) will be Charles Halford, an American Actor who has worked on the tv series The Event and True Detective. Along with Halford will be Harold Perrineau (Sons of Anarchy) as Manny, who is apparently an angel with the power to possess the living, sent to watch over John Constantine. Lucy Griffiths will also join the cast in the role of Liv, a human with the power to see the supernatural and having been marked for death by a demon, falls in with Constantine. Lucy Griffiths is best known for her role as Nora Gainesborough, Eric Northman’s vampire Sister/Lover on HBO’s True Blood. She is also starring opposite Colin Farrell in the recently released movie Winter’s Tale.

constantine casting

Harold Perrineau & Lucy Griffiths

The show will be written by Daniel Cerone, Jamie Delano, Garth Ennis & David S. Goyer, who is also producing. Goyer having a hand in almost every comic based endeavor at Warner Bros. will no doubt do it justice. Having written the stories for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Dark City, Crow: City of Angels and Blade, he definitely has a feel for the dark and gritty.

Source:Entertainment Weekly


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